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    live in windham but from boston
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    i dont have favorite
  1. paulam01

    Shades of Blue Triangle Shawl-Vest

    I like the colors. Blue is one is my favorite color
  2. paulam01

    How many of you are from NY

    I live in windham ny
  3. I am not a new. It I was on for a while. Took care of my mother in law, From april to july past way from lung and brain cancer.
  4. Hi I am from new york. My is Paula. I haven't been on crochetville. Boy. crochetville has change a lot. Lol
  5. paulam01

    Triplets arrived!:)

    do the triplets have a names. LOL
  6. paulam01

    Rewards from Amazon.com

    I shop on amazon a lot. If I know about amazon. and crochetville. I going on amazon today,
  7. paulam01

    Colorful Pineapple Doilies

    They are very pretty. How long did it take? to make them
  8. paulam01

    What's on Your hook, right now!

    I been trying to think of some thing to make. That is easy to make. Until I get use to crocheting again. Then I will try knitting.
  9. paulam01

    Newbie to Forum and Crochet

    HI from new york.
  10. paulam01

    It been along time

    Thank you very much. I found all the yarn. I have about three tubs full. I found some projects. That I was doing about couple of years ago. Now, I cant remember what I was making. .
  11. paulam01

    It been along time

    Thank you
  12. paulam01

    It been along time

    I haven't been on Crochetville. For a while, I been living in Bogalusa La from 2012 to 2014. I have to move Bogalusa , LA. To Windham Ny. My hudsand and I had to take care of his parents. His father has alzheimers. And his mother can't take care of him any more.
  13. I am glad that I am back.

  14. paulam01

    Here from Massachusetts

    Welcome. I am from Mass and my family lives in. But now I am living in lousiana