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    Mom of 4 boys, one dog,one husband, 3 grandbabies.
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    Crochet!!!LOL Church and Childrens sports.
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    I am a mom and I work part time at a gas station during school hours.
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    I am liking the scarves that I have been making lately.
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    Well. I have known how to crochet for about 30 years. Just getting back into it spring of 2006
  1. have not been able to work on mine all week, thought today would be the day, however, grandbaby coming over.
  2. have not worked on mine in a week, Maybe today sometime. I have a very nice button for it though!
  3. Think I am on row 9 of the back. I need to finish my Amy Cardi also. Thinking of doing what one of the other gals is doing Will start the XL try it on and start the L and try it on and see which is going to work better. I never realized till this past year that I must crochet loose. My items always end up larger then I want.
  4. Kim. I need a suggestion. My bust size falls smack dab between a large and an xlarge. What do you suggest ? I don't like tight fitting cloths. Do you think there is enough ease to accommodate? Thanks
  5. Just got home from work and will be taking a short nap. Then, I plan on starting. I still need to finish my Amy Cardi, but, am anxious to start this one.
  6. not quite done. I am probably going to need another skein of yarn. I am very disappointed with myself that I used a larger hook. I put my ch 3's around the border to close together also and it looks more ruffled then some that have posted pix. It also hangs down to my knees when I put it on and I am 5' 4". I am going to make another some day and need to remember what I did that I dind't like!!
  7. go to the first page. Many questions that you may have are on the first page, post #2. Amy has been very good about trying to keep up with posting corrections and answers there.
  8. my husband calls me the defender of the world, so, I am going to be active in that role here with Jenny's pattern. I need to defend her and her pattern this way. Jenny's patterns are usually written in British/European wording. When you look at patterns on her Ravelry page they will note this. And there are designers who write patterns in such a way that we don't always see. With patience and a little time (and help from this forum) I didn't find the pattern so horribly written or difficult to follow.
  9. I am not that far yet. However, from other items I have made we should chain one and then single chain into the space where we just slip stitched in. then do our chain 3. gives us something to slip stitch into when we get to the end of that round and keeps our work more even.
  10. It does say in the pattern that when doing the join... sc chain 3 sc. And to make your sc about half an inch apart.
  11. Used the Asian join and loved it. Tamika, in post #2there should be a link to the asian join.
  12. I have my kit. I ordered the light rose. Very pretty. Not sure I will start Feb 1 though lol. Still need to finish my Amy cardi
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