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    Mom of 4 boys, one dog,one husband, 3 grandbabies.
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    Crochet!!!LOL Church and Childrens sports.
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    I am a mom and I work part time at a gas station during school hours.
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    I am liking the scarves that I have been making lately.
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    Well. I have known how to crochet for about 30 years. Just getting back into it spring of 2006
  1. working on a round ripple for friends who are due in May with their first baby. I will try to remember to post pix when I get it done.
  2. It is just the coolest thing to have the designer along in the CAL!!!
  3. I think I might jump in with you in a couple of weeks or so. I really need to get done with some of my WIPS and try to not buy any more yarn for a while. I will have to purchase yarn for this unless I make it different colors. Hope that you will get someone to come along with you now though.
  4. I am still wanting to get in on this one! Soon as I get some of my wips wrangled I think I will give this one a go.
  5. Really like this!! The colors are really good together.
  6. Ann. Beautiful, both the scarf and the hook your son made. That is a wonderful talent!!!
  7. I really like the Truvia. I will use it before Splenda or any other sweetner. I also like to use liquid Stevia in my tea. Don't sweeten my coffee though. Maybe over time you will get used to having the slightellly less sweet then sugar.
  8. This is interesting. I may have to consider this.
  9. I still want to do this one some time. It is a very cool looking afghan.
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