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  1. I am thinking about joining this, but I don't have an afghan to do yet. I'm wanting to create one with my favorite animal (peacock) on it. So, I will plot and join in a bit.
  2. Good luck Gene! I know how hard that is trying to get those last bits done. Thanks everyone for the encouragement!! I look forward to doing another one soon. I have to get a few more WIPs to take care of before I start another.
  3. Thanks, I'm really happy with it. I think the person it's for will really like it. Although I won't know until Thanksgiving because that's when she gets it!!!
  4. Well, I finished with the ghan. Not sure I'll start another. I'm in the middle of a graphghan and a few other projects. Although, I did thoroughly enjoy this ghan. Here's a picture.
  5. I have 7 panels sewn together, which just takes forever. You know?! I realized when I was sewing a panel on this morning that I somehow messed up and am missing a panel. SO, I have to work on that one really quickly later on. It'll work out in the end.
  6. Your welcome, Addey. Let me know what you think of the yarn if you ever use it!
  7. That looks beautiful Leslie! I can't wait to see it all together!
  8. Thanks!! I love how nice and easy this is to work up, but looks like it's more complex. I'll post more pictures when I get everything put together.
  9. Okay, the promised started rows of the afghan. This is the first 5 of I think 12 rows. hopefully that's not too large!!
  10. I love Bernat SuperValue. I use it for afghans a lot. It's a very think worsted weight, but it's soft and handles well. In all the skeins I've bought, I only come across knots every now and again, rarely more then once in a skein and generally that's towards the end of the skein if I am lazy and haven't wound into a ball yet! So, really those knots are my fault. The color selection is good and it's easy to match the ombres and solids. I'm starting in on stripes 3 and 4 tonight. Perhaps, I'll take a picture with my camera phone at work and post it. It'll be blurry, but I can't find
  11. I don't think I can get going faster then I already am. I have one small stripe done. I'm making it a lapghan, so it's smaller then most. Perhaps I'll get it done over this week.
  12. RoseRed, that shawl is amazing! I am always in awe of people who can do thread crochet. For some reason, I never took to it, but I love the projects!! I'm jumping in on this CAL. I have been planning one of these for a holiday gift for a friend and her yarn came in the mail the other day. I am using Bernat SuperValue in Lilac and Natural for the ghan. I'll be starting up tonight while I'm at work!!
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