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  1. So, I totally fell of the bandwagon this week. I got about 30 skeins of yarn from work (seriously clearanced) and 4 skeins from HL to work on a few projects. I'll then be picking up a few more skeins when I get paid tomorrow. I have to finish a sweater and get it posted to Australia.
  2. Happy New Year EVERYONE!!! (on the East coast!) Happy New Year when it comes to your area everyone else!!!
  3. Having this little "chat along" makes me wish we have monthly chats or a chat room to play in when we need inspiration.
  4. Oh Minerva! That's so awesome. I worked in a homeless shelter for a really long time. I know how much my residents loved getting blankets. How about something a bit more personal? I taught my clients how to crochet while I was there and they loved it. A lot of them knew how to already and just wanted a refresher. When I left to move, I gave them a lot of my yarn so they can make presents and stuff. They were so awesome!!
  5. I do as well. My family it ripe with them. My mother's generation was the first to marry outside of our ethnic subgroup. A lot of my cousins don't speak our native language. Since I grew up with my Grandma, I learned some but not all. So, we have a lot of things that most people look at us kinda funny for, but we love.
  6. Amy/Roper, it's an Old World superstition that my Great Grandmother Welker brought with her from Eastern Europe. The ironic thing is that towards the end of her life (may she be in peace) she would only eat pork - even on NYE. Gotta Love her.
  7. Our tradition is animals that don't scratch backwards. So, this year mom and I had shrimp and crab. We used to do fondue but with only two it's not really worth it.
  8. I am thinking about joining this, but I don't have an afghan to do yet. I'm wanting to create one with my favorite animal (peacock) on it. So, I will plot and join in a bit.
  9. Wiz, I'm from the westside as well. I grew up in Strongsville and currently live in Brunswick. Tia, what is the weightloss afghan? I am very interested in this concept.
  10. I've always counted my plarn, but it's your call if you want to count them or not. SO - I'm +6 this week for working on my scrapghan. Which makes me even for the year. I will probably be working more tonight as I ring in the new year, but I'll wait to count it for tomorrow.
  11. I have no clue how cold it is here. I've been under lots of blankets and crocheting my hands off. How's everyone else?
  12. My best friend's sister is recently pregnant after years of trying :cheer. So, I want to make her a really great blanket. She and her husband are kinda gothy and love goth stuff. If anyone knows of some really great patterns, that would be really great. I've found a bunch of Hallowe'en stuff that is cool but I want to find the best possible pattern yet.
  13. I had to buy another skein of yarn to finish a gift for the holidays. So, that's -2. Then, I got a skein for Christmas (another -2) but while hanging out at my Grams' house, I was able to bust about 10 balls. So, that's +6 for the week so far.
  14. I haven't been able to crochet a lick since I last posted. So...WTD is -72. I know I won't be back on before the deadline. I am leaving for Cincinnati right after work today and will be there making cards and drinking adult juice with one of my besties.
  15. Well, I get the Shoot the Moon for the week. My stash came in the mail today. I received 75pts worth of yarn. In my escapades today, I used 2 balls worth. So, I get -73 for today!!
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