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  1. Oh Kristie the horse purse is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! It would be perfect to give at xmas with lil stocking stuffer items to any lil girl!!!!! I have a wonderful lil girl in mind for this horse!!!! Thank You for sharing Your wonderful Pattern with us!!!!!
  2. Thank you for the cute duckie pattern! He is a real keeper!
  3. Too cute! thank you for sharing the pattern!
  4. very darling! you come up with great ideas for her outfits!
  5. Wow!, he is awesome! and i love his plumbers crack!(theres a first!) ha ha ha. Your troll doll put a smile on my face from ear to ear. Thank you!
  6. very, very cute! I love the slippers!
  7. Advanced! I have a very hard time finding a challenging pattern, in anything! Usually, I am always going for the afghans, sweaters, doilies that have a lot of work to them. And are always very detailed, and some patterns say advanced, and they work up fine. Some patterns I can just look at and do them without the pattern. I had a friend bring me an afghan that was made by a beloved grandma that needed to be repaired. I matched the yarn up as best I could and figured the pattern out. Made the new square and replaced the ruined piece. My friend was very,very happy about this. Her afg
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