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    Happily married mom of 5, loves cats. Very busy household here!
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  1. super cute dragon!!!!! Many Thank You's for sharing the pattern!!!
  2. So Very Adorable!!!! Thank You for sharing the pattern!!!!
  3. very eyecatching!!! gorgeous!!!!
  4. jap

    a little polar bear

    Stargazer is absolutely SWEET!!!!! what a lil darling! just want to cuddle up with him!!!!!
  5. Oh Kristie the horse purse is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! It would be perfect to give at xmas with lil stocking stuffer items to any lil girl!!!!! I have a wonderful lil girl in mind for this horse!!!! Thank You for sharing Your wonderful Pattern with us!!!!!
  6. jap

    Purple Bunny

    Very Cute!!!!
  7. Love Harry & Sally, and the kitty!!!!
  8. OMG!!!! they are all super adorable!!!! Need to go to Your website again! Now I know what I want for christmas!!!!
  9. Garfield is super awesome!!!! Love the slippers!!!! too cute!!!!!
  10. jap

    My first ami a meerkat

    Super Adorable!!!! Great Job!!!!!
  11. Absolutely adorable!!!! Great job!
  12. jap

    A Giraffe I made

    Another Beautiful Critter created by You!!! The giraffe is Fabulous! Love the tongue! ha ha
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