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  1. I feel your pain. I bought 2 tubs at Lowes the other day. I figured I would put all my yarn in one and use the other for some storage of other things. Ha ha ha. I couldnt fit all my yarn in both tubs. Ive got 2 huge totes full, the 2 storage tubs, and another small tote. That does not include the box I keep my cotton for dishcloths in and the bag that I carry several WIP's around with me. As I was putting it all in the box, I realized that I way underestimated how much I have. I am not allowing myself to buy more until I use up some of what Ive got. Good thing Ive got lots of projects in mind!
  2. Its acrylic with White, peach, yellow, and pink (I think) running through it. Im looking for as many skeins as you are willing to part with. I dont care about dye lots. Please let me know if you have any and how much you want for them! Thanks! Nichole
  3. Im in Granite City which is about 10 mins from St Louis and way far away from all of you!
  4. very cute donna! I love them.
  5. LOL. He's a cutie. He looks very handsome in his sweater.
  6. Oh the blanket looks so soft and comfy. I love it. Very pretty. Awesome job on the cool kitty.
  7. I try to do as much as I can. I usually at least get a couple of hours in a day but with 3 3-and-under it can be hard.
  8. Awww. You did very well! Those are adorable. I love them.
  9. Very pretty and cozy looking. Your friend will adore it.
  10. http://www.crochetcabana.com I love crochet cabana. She has step by step instructions for quite a few stitches. I would send her there. Its helped me and another friend out quite a bit.
  11. LOL. Sounds like you took that knot to court, tried and convicted it, and sentenced it to death. I love that pattern. Im going to get it myself today I think. I try to unknot it myself. I have a 20 month old that thinks Mom's yarn is the greatest toy ever. She loves to unravel a skein by just grabbing ahold of it anywhere and pull, pull, pull until Mom's skein is a huge tangle. She got ahold of my cotton yarn box one day and made a huge huge mess. It took me two days to detangle and rewind all that yarn back into balls.
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