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  1. I had checked CPC. Still nothing for bulky weight yarn. Thanks!
  2. I need a pattern for a square pillow to use up some of my Homespun yarn. Even just schematics would work. I did search, but was unable to find one. Thank you! Beth
  3. These would be great for Christmas gifts! Thanks!
  4. blong2001

    Size help

    I am going to my my grand daughter some leg warmers. Since I would like this to be a surprise for her mom I can not ask how big her thighs are. She is 10 months old and weighs 18 lbs 10 ozs. ( doctors visit yesterday so I know how much she weighs) Does anyone have a similar size baby that can measure their thighs? Thanks! Beth
  5. Very nice! Thanks for the pattern! Beth
  6. If you go to archive.org Put in the url and you can get the pattern. Good luck! B
  7. I love this bag! I needed a portable project and this will be it! Thank you so much for your hard work! Beth
  8. Thanks for sharing! These are too cute! Beth
  9. Beautiful Work! Thanks for sharing the pattern! Beth
  10. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Beth
  11. Very good idea! Think this will be a winner for my nephew's Christmas present! Thanks! Beth
  12. Lacy and very pretty! Thanks for sharing! Beth
  13. That is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Beth
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