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  1. Wow Tracey, that is really too bad that you had to frog all that work But, yeah if it was that noticeable and you couldn't "fudge" it to make it right, you would want it "correct" in the end. Krystal - I LOVE that pansies afghan. Is there a pattern somewhere for that? It looks just beautiful. My progress is...not a whole lot, I have had so much to do here and I don't get to crochet very much on the weekends. Funny, huh? I have 9 of the outside 9 patches done. and centers for 3 more. I hope to get time to work on it some today.
  2. Tracey - It looks great! =) Wendy - Well I have 5 full squares and 3 more squares that just need corners. so that will be 8 full 9 patches and I need 16 total to continue on. My arm is killing me lol I have a sore spot in the muscle of my arm (I think from working with the cotton which takes a little more "umph" than regular yarn does) I am not sure I will be able to get 16 done this weekend like I had hoped. But, every bit is getting me closer!
  3. Laurie - As you're working on the round that attaches the star to the blocks, it will still look a little weird till after you do the tip. When I did it I was freaking out thinking I made a big mistake somewhere, but you end up doing some Treble Crochets and it gives you the height you need to make the points line up with the blocks. Tracey - Can't wait to see it =) And you're brave, going to make another and felting it! hehe
  4. Well lets see, I have 4 complete squares, 12 centers, and 2 squares with centers and sides. I've been on a roll, trying to just trudge through and get these done I really want to haive them all done by the end of the weekend, I think its a manageable goal, if I didn't have a house, toddler, and hubby to take care of I bet I could get em done tonight I have an audio book I have been listening today and you were right, it makes it seem to go by so much faster! The mind numbing task of making all these squares just sort of becomes robotic as I get engrossed in the story so, that makes me happy! :hook Gavinsmom - I'm sorry to hear about your back, that sounds very unpleasant Ladykats - You must crochet fast if you plan on having 16 squares done so quickly hehe I'm cheering you on :cheer
  5. Well today is the day, I'm going to make myself work on the 9-patches all weekend. I need 14 more to make so i can continue on, well that and the wedges but it seems that the wedges are joined to the center and square as you go so...Its just getting myself to finish those darn squares. My wrist still hurts slightly but I don't care, I gotta get these done, I *hate* it hanging over my head and I know I keep procrastinating doing them. If I would just do them then it'll be over! I know, I know, I'm a big complainer =) It has to do with me being disappointed in myself for losing so much steam, like I *usually* do but the difference this time, is I *am* going to finish this afghan! Mostly thanks to this CAL, knowing that I have others that are working on the same thing and the horrible guilt when I don't have any progress to show for friday's picture day That and my hubby keeps saying "Why aren't you working on your blue star?" Blondiee - Ouch redoing the center, thats no good. Why do you need to do that? Also, I agree the 9-patches themselves don't take a long time to actually make, but taking care of the ends as I go makes it a little slower. And...I just find them incredibly boring to make hehe
  6. Yah it is, everyone is snoozing today maybe =)
  7. I thought I would just give this link also about a few different tunisian stitches http://www.chezcrochet.com/page0018.html
  8. For the afghan stitch - I am pretty sure when they say "knit one stitch, purl one stitch" its supposed to be like this: When you're doing a regular afghan stitch you just stick your hook into the vertical bar, yarn over and pull up a loop. For Purl stitch it is done by holding the yarn IN FRONT of the work, insert your hook into the vertical bar, yarn over and pull up a loop. When you do these alternating it makes a very interesting look. It also is VERY helpful in keeping the work from curling. If you don't want to mess with a purl stitch, after you are done with the afghan, once you put the border on it, that helps it to lay flat. But, I have heard people complain that it is still a little curly, so thats why they recommend you use the purl stitch. I know I found a link that might explain the purl stitch better. Let me see if I can find it. Nevermind Donna had a good link =) I guess there is also an afghan knit stitch. Which is done different than regular afghan stitch by sticking the hook through the space between posts (I think) and yarn over and pull up a loop. (not 100% sure on this one have never done this stitch)
  9. No, actually, I am not using heat packs. I also used to have wrist braces around here back when it was really bad but it hasnt acted up in a long time and I'm not sure where I put them. Will have to see if I can dig them out and see how much that helps. Most of the time, I just rest my wrists for a couple days and it gets a little better. I just know if I keep pushing them it'll make it so much worse. It's killing me to not crochet, I feel so bored
  10. I gotta rest my wrists for a bit, my carpel tunnel is REALLY acting up and my wrists are killing me. I *want* to crochet but when I pick something up, it just hurts too much. Going to have to take a couple days rest. What will I do for all that time? LOL If I am sitting here, I'm crocheting usually so its going to drive me crazy. I do have a book I want to read..guess that will have to be it. I figure maybe Friday I will see how my wrists are feeling. I would think 2 days rest would be good, man I hope so!
  11. Tahlara - I would LOVE to see pictures of your afghan. I hope that you have enough yarn or can get more to match and get this afghan finished after so many years in the "UFO" pile =) Peni - I love it =) oh and that fingernail polish is to die for!
  12. Tahlara - I noticed that your sig says you are deaf? Both of my parents were deaf, I was the first child and my first language was sign language, I knew sign before I even knew how to talk =) People that I know always think its strange that I grew up with two deaf parents, but I tell them its strange that they didn't from my perspective! =) My 18 month old son doesn't seem to want to talk yet, but he does know a few sign words.
  13. Tahlara - You bet! Pull that sucker out and see what you need to do to get started again, whether it be buying more yarn or whatever. It'd be great to have you =)
  14. Danielle - Well on my afghan, I am using White in the center and the color in my variegated is actually a really really light light blue. I didn't realize it until after I got all the yarn together and was too late to turn back, but in my opinion, I don't think it matters THAT much. When you have it close up and looking at it you can notice, but from a distance its not that noticeable. I am not sure about the other color you're talking about using instead, and you certainly don't HAVE to use a variegated in this afghan at all. I just wanted to let you know that I didn't think it was that big of a deal, but its a matter of personal preference, if you think it will bother you too much that they are different shades of blue and you want to change then do that =)
  15. Wendy - You want to have a ch 2 at the tips not ch 1 + ch 2. I have already done that round as I am done with the border section. The chain space will end up being over the peak of the tip with a ch 2. You'll see that in round 3 of the border, it will tell you to do cl in ch-1 spaces and then (cl, ch 2, cl) in the ch-2 spaces. So it is supposed to be ch 2 and not a total of ch 3 on round 2 at the peaks. I hope I was clear enough.
  16. Wow Krystal, I can't tell you how much I love the way that looks. That cornmeal color really suits it PERFECTLY. I just love love LOVE it! Did I say I love it? It just looks wonderful =)
  17. Gavinsmom - Welcome! Glad to see you join us Grammypat - I *LOVE* your colors, those look so great together and of course I love greens I was also doing that, doing the centers, then going and doing the sides, then doing the corners. I tried to do one "full" square instead and I didn't like doing it that way so I'm going back to doing all centers, all sides, all corners in that order. I sure wish I had some audio books to listen to...I am really into a Stephen King book right now and am dying to finish it, but I can't crochet and read it at the same time =( The only other thing I have going on here is Blue's Clue's and Sesame Street which isn't very stimulating for me But, Tristan sure loves it
  18. Ack ok I will redo the posts with hte pics on my webspace, sorry about that..brb
  19. ALSO! Look on page 50 of your books. The Irish Trellis afghan, my hubby is starting this one This coming from the man who said he was quite content with just making bunnies and such and didn't want to make any afghans. It is quite ambitious, I even had trouble showing him how to do some of the stitches (the cables). He loves it and is really excited, he ordered his yarn and everything, I was so jealous hehe He chose lt. purple, lt. rose, and cream. He was working on a test gauge swatch this weekend doing the stitches over and over again to try and get it right and feel comfortable with it before he gets his yarn and starts for real. I am so scared for him I am so intimidated with cables and this is chock full of them.
  20. So, does anyone else HATE working on those 9-patches as much as me? I find myself procrastinating on those, which is slowing down my whole progress. I am really disappointed because this is the farthest I have ever gotten on an afghan (aside from a baby afghan I made) and I feel myself getting discouraged with all those 9-patches. Hubby keeps trying to encourage me, because he sees me working on something else and asks me why I am not working on the Blue Star. I gotta just MAKE myself trudge through those 9-patches I guess =) It doesn't help that the new 9-patches I am doing don't look right to me, they are using the white for the side squares and it just seems like too MUCH white. Maybe it will look okay once they are all joined together. I need a magic wand..."POOF!!" 16 9-patches made! I suppose it is also because I am working all the ends in as I go which REALLY slows it down alot but I just KNOW i would regret it if I did not do it now and waited till the end!
  21. Bah, I just realized that yahoo resized my pictures "for me" so...if you would like a larger closer view of it just let me know, I can just put it up on my webspace (which I should have just done in the first place) and post a link to it.
  22. Here are a couple pictures of my "progress" so far close-up of one of the 9-patches for around the outside border. And a pic of the whole thing again since I didn't post a pic of it with the outside border completely done,
  23. Ok, here are some pictures. I hope the size is not too big, I wanted to be sure to get a clear good sized picture so you could see the detail. Here is a picture of the inside point where square joins the center star. Here is where the corner meets for the outside of that square and the 1st round of the "border" Here is the full border done around the end of the 9 patch I hope this helps you girls out, again sorry I was not here to answer questions yesterday =/
  24. Wow Hi everyone, I am sorry I was not here very much this weekend, it was so hectic around here. I will try and answer all the questions that came up to the best of my abilities. First, I believe the "ridge" thats being talked about IS normal, I have it, the picture in the book has it, so don't worry about that =) Krystal - I really think that if you're talking about the "pointness" on the squares that are attached to the star, that mine were sort of rounded also, I will take a picture of that for you in a min to show you what mine looks like. I will also edit the first post and post the correction we think should be there for Round 8 on the center star. Also, yes on Round 2 of the border, it shouldn't have you putting a ch 3 on the points, I don't know why this is so chock full of little mistakes =/ I will make a mention of that in the first post also. The last set of (sk next sc, dc in next 3 sc, ch 1) should omit the last ch 1 since you are ch 2 for the point. I hope I got everyone's questions. I feel awful that I was away for almost TWO days. I hate hate hate BUSY weekends, no time for crocheting OR relaxing! I love everyone's colors and everyone is doing such a great job =) It is exciting to see everyone's progress. Let me go take a pic of mine. I got all of the border done, finally since I had to frog it a couple times for not paying attention:blush I also have TWO count em TWO 9 patches done for the outer part (the part that requires 16 9-patches and the wedges. BRB with pic so you can see the inner points of my star.
  25. kwoolls - I *lov* those colors!! I am not familiar with the watercolor variegated, I'm gonna have to go look it up, it is Red Heart? I can't wait to see more of it =) I won't post a picture today because its not that much farther along than it was, I have some of the squares for the 2nd round of 9-patches starated but the center isnt that much farther along after I frogged some of it. I have one more round on the border and I ll be done with that. I hope I can get it done today, today is errand day and also my day for cleaning my bathroom and bedrooms so I ll be kind of busy today.
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