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  1. Welcome! Over at freepatterns.com they have some animal patterns. You have to register, but it is free. They're in the "childrens" section for crochet. Patty
  2. And Congratulations!! If I come across that pattern on the net, I'll post a link. I'm sure I've seen something like that before...of course that dosn't mean it's still up Patty
  3. Oh wow, I didn't realize I'd gotten so many welcomes - thank you! I am so excited, I've started my first project. I picked up the book Red Heart puts out, Best Loved Afghans. I'm working on "Terrific Texture" on page 34 in Burgandy and Green. Next I'm going to make "Absoulutely Georgeous" on page 58 next. I have $2.11 left on the card Dh got me - I'll get to it though ;-)
  4. Oh wow! Hi there Railbird and stargazingirly - we are mighty close! Nice to meet you! Oh yeah, it's nice looking forward to some quiet crafting time now that the holiday hustle is coming to a close. I think I even picked out my first bedspread project http://www.crochetnow.com/patterns/44/cinderella-bedspread/ Patty
  5. Thank you all for the welcome! And Linda, I will be checking out the Bedspread Bonanza here, it sounds like a lot of fun! We don't worry about the losses so much - I kind of view it as extreme involentary decluttering, LOL. It's giving me the boost to do what I'd always dreamed of anyway - having everything home made :-) Patty
  6. Hello all. I'm new to the boards. I haven't really done much crocheting in a while, but I am hoping to get back into the swing of things this year. I'm all excited about it and yet I hardly know where to start! Pretty much everything we had that I'd made before was lost this year between flooding, a fire - and the water damage sustained putting it out - and now we're pretty much starting over. I'd like to make afghans and bedspreads, my kitchen accessories and well, pretty much anything and everything that I can. I'd like for our next home to be really "ours". This time, I will hang on to some of what I make, and at least take pictures of what I don't I'm thinking that with winter coming along (here in Albany, NY we still don't have any snow - but it has to be coming...) now would be a good time to start with the larger items like afghans and such. Something to snuggle under while I work on it. Dh gave me a gift card for JoAnns for Christmas - so that will give me a good start at rebuilding my stash Now, I'm just searching for a pattern to start with Can't wait to 'meet' you all! Patty
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