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  1. i want a baby jelly bean!!!! she is soooo very cute! curious though did tampa guy learn to crochet?
  2. thanks everyone. i got all the patterns from annies attic. when i her nursery theme wasa giraffes i thought i remembered seeing a blanket somewhere and annies attic was the first place i went to look. (the giraffe stuffy is included in the afghan pattern) and there i found the coocon and just had to have that too - i loved it - my hubby said it looked like an ann gedes baby thing. i took that as a huge compliment! i think the cocoons make so much more sense than swaddling - it can't come undone!
  3. thanks for the compliment - unfortuantly with a baby shower with over 100 attending i am sure mine kinda got lost in the shuffle. they filled the back of the hubbys pick up with stuff and the back of her suv with even more! its nice when you ahve big loving families.
  4. hello all! its been quite a while since i have posted any of my finshed projects. but i really loved how these came out so i thought i would share them with you. they were gifts for my neighbor who is expecting in a little over a month.
  5. she is lovely! what pattern did you use?
  6. very pretty - have you seen planetjunes version?
  7. great tree - and you got some good suggestions. groundhogs - presidents birthdays - so i was thinking the big black hats. mardi gras is a great suggestion too!! purple green and gold on the tree!
  8. omg - i think this goes to the top of my list - this is absolutly gorgous!!!!!
  9. oh mary jo you did an awesome job on her!!!!! when you are done with her i surely will give her a good home! lol
  10. i looove those turkey placemats!!!!!!!! wish i was having thanksgiving dinner at your place!
  11. another great bag mary jo! i love how you are changing the bags up a bit! tampa guy called this one right - great way to end the movie theme!
  12. so i am thinking that maybe they need their own threads/stickies!!!!
  13. what a great idea for you to pay it forward! i look forward to your monthy contributions - you will have a bunch of crazy ladies waiting for your monthly post and mailman delivery - just like tampadoll does!
  14. snow caps are one of the girls favorite candies. mine too and i am not a dark chocloate lover. september can come and go very quickly for me - 4/5 weeks till we can pick up the new puppy!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. she came out very cute! a little too big for your tree though?
  16. i came looking for this thread yesterday - i must have come to early - another great job mary jo!!!!
  17. wow mary jo you are really pumping these babies out! she came out very cute.
  18. great job mary jo! lotsa red white and blue. happy 4th to you too.
  19. awww - shes adorable!!! another great job how did you manage to let her go? polly put the kettle on polly put the kettle on polly put the kettle on we'll all have tea there is more but i am not sure - i would have to find the mother goose book.
  20. actually patty she has done another brown one - the one she made me was "tickled pink" and its brown and pink.
  21. OMG wern't we just talking about the june bag? and begging you to post the july bag - and here we are so close to july. we are still spring like here - very cloudy and rainy - YUCK
  22. once again great job - and john you are one lucky hubby!!!!
  23. they came out great mary jo!!!! does she fit into the bassinet? i think i also have that pattern but have not tried them out yet.
  24. beautiful as always - well worth the wait!
  25. well....she could give us a clue a day as to where its going...but you know what she probabbly doesn't even know that yet. we are a bunch of impatient ladies thats for sure...has she even posted the june table? hmmm off to see
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