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  1. well you belong here so it won't be long until it does become an expensive hobby for you! hahahahaha!
  2. oh kristie i am so sorry this did not work out for you! but this is very generous of you to share with everyone!!!!!!! i hope you are able to finish up the series next year when things calm down! kris
  3. ok crochet dad you are one awesome dude! love the progress of the ripple but i do have one question? are you finding it tedious working in all one color? or is it better cuz you are adding the popcorn on each side breaking up the monatony? (sp)? keep us posted ok? thanks
  4. oh that is awesome! i hope you will share what you are doing when you are done! i have to mak a wedding gift and i think thats just perfect! i am glad i stopped in today its been a while since i checked out all your ripples!
  5. i tried doing a shell type finish but did not like it so i just used a rsc and its worked great!
  6. sorry i am not part of this cal but i just finished one and am working on another. i used aggie mays pattern and found it very easy to follow. if you pm her she will send you her pattern!
  7. wow i never thought about reversing the color! thats an interesting idea! wonder what this would look like. has anyone done this?
  8. this is also posted under crochet help but thought i would post this hear too to see what you all had to say about it! suggestions are very welcome at this point! hi everyone! i have joined the round ripple band wagon! but have run into a problem. i did the blended rainbow see.... clickable but its not big enough. its only 26 inches from point to point. and it is double stranded! my original intent was to make this for a baby but its too small so i thought i could make it a lap ghan for my grandmother but i don;t know how to make it bigger. well i know how to but not color wise. d
  9. hi all!! i am not part of this cal but will be starting a round ripple in the near future and i am trying to find a pattern. i know there are a few out there however which one seems to be a favorite amoung you all? i have gone through some of the responses on this thread i just don't have the time to go through 90+ pages. i had posted something like this on the seeking pattern thread but did not get much of a response and then i ran across this so i thought i would ask you! hope you can help me! by the way all the ripples i did she are absolutly amazing! oh maybe i should mention thi
  10. my kids would love having you for a grandma! very cute!
  11. this is exactly how i feel!!!!!!!! sometimes it drives me absolutly crazy!!!!!!!!!!! i think i need one of those plaques too, that is just awsome and ohhhhhh sooooooo true!!!! and i would let jess be surprised by all of your generosity, it willbe the pick up she needs on a bad day.
  12. hello everyone, sadly i did not participate in this comfortghan and now it is to late! but i think next time i will try. but i wanted to take a minute and pat each one of you on the back. the lengths that you all have gone to to help a fellow crocheter in need, is very comforting!!!!! you should all be very pround of yourselves!!!!!!!!! i know this is about jessie in her time of need, noone should have to experience what she is going through at her young age with two young kids, but you all need to know how amazing you are!!! please package up hugs from me to send to her and her fami
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