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  1. Thank you so much for this darling dolly wardrobe. This is just what my granddaughter wanted. Nancy
  2. I like Kim Guzman's tunisian books and also recommend chezcrochet.com. Arnie's Encyclopedia of Tunisian has loads of information . Her small booklets cover other tunisian stitches and projects. Both of these girls are the tunisian experts. Nancy
  3. Lovely crochet work. What size hook did you use with the Caron Simply Soft? Did the SS yarn make the dresses a different size? Nancy
  4. Afghan and granddaughter are beautiful. I'll have to put this on my list for my gd. Nancy
  5. Back in the early 70's (give or take a year or so), Woman's Day had a feature and patterns using only slip stitch ridges --similar to sc ridges. They made a purse, a skirt, a shell top, etc --but I don't remember a stole.These patterns might be in one of the Woman's Day Crochet books from that era. Nancy
  6. Beautiful baby set with that extra special look. Thanks for sharing. Nancy
  7. Your sister's burial dresses are so lovely. I have crochet burial gowns but now I am inspired to make them even more special. Thank you for sharing. Nancy
  8. Beautiful combo of patterns. Great work. Nancy
  9. Beautiful shawl. So nice and "airy" looking. Nancy
  10. They are so cute. Nice crocheting. Nancy
  11. What a beautiful afghan. The dogwood blossom pattern is a winner. Thanks for sharing. Nancy
  12. Beautiful shawl. I love it in pink. Nancy
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