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  1. I do believe you can buy just the pattern on Annie's Attic.
  2. No they were not sent home because of the frostbite, they where treated in Iraq and served there tour of duty and came to us after they returned home. They recieved there injury while trying to get a little shut eye, they where covered by their sleeping bag, all but their head and that is why they had frostbite to the nose and ear tips.
  3. No I am not over there, but my son serves in the Army reserve, and it is true that you want to use natural fibers. Not only because they do not melt, but because natural fibers hold the heat in better and breath better.
  4. To all on this subject: I am a Dermatology Nurse and within the last week I have treated several GI's from nearby bases, all have some sort of frostbite from exposure to the cold nights in Iraq. The military does not provide them with helmet liners and I think that it is a shame that our brave men and women fighting away from home, should have to suffer frostbite when there are so many of us crafters that we could take care of all of them with just one or two helmet liners from each of us. Please all put down your other projects and make just one helmet liner so I don't have to treat another soldier for a proventible injury.
  5. I taught myself how to crochet when my children where young (24 years ago). All three of my children where ADHD and I needed a stress reliever and something that I could put down at a dropp of a hat. I still use it as a stress reliever as I have 2 of my children in the military, and I work in the medical field.
  6. I have made all the wedding favors for my daughters wedding in June. I am making the ring bearer's pillow, te flower girls basket, the Bride's maids and Maid of Honor bouguet's, the flowers for the guest tables and the Lace for my daughter's viel. And if I can fit it in an afghan for my daughter and new SIL. Oh and I also made her a shawl for her Bachlorette party.
  7. I moved from the Tri-Cities area 1 1/2 years ago, there is Joann's, Craft Warehouse and Wal*Mart, I did not find any clubs thier. But that may have changed since we lived there. My son, who still lives there, ssays there are new stores going in all the time. All the stores are on Columbia Center Blvd. or Clearwater in Kennewick. Hope this helps you.
  8. from another Brenda and a next door nieghbor.
  9. I agree they are worth there wieght in gold. I just spent close to $50 dollars for one and now wonder what I did without one.
  10. I live 60 miles south in Burlington.
  11. Did you notice in the intervention seen on the same couch was a large doily hanging over the back.
  12. I live in Burlington about 1 1/2 hours away. We got about an inch of snow with of course freezing rain under it.
  13. I got me one and it, My husband lost me for a few days as I did my whole stash. I will never be without one again.
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