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  1. http://www.hookyarnandneedles.com/Techniques/?cat=8
  2. I only use circulars. I haven't tried the Boye set, but I do have the Denise Interchangeables and the KnitPicks Options and love them both.
  3. Awesome. All three pairs look wonderful.
  4. Celeste, a member here designed this tote: http://roundtheville.wordpress.com/2006/02/28/pattern-of-the-month/
  5. A few to get you started: http://www.joyofhandspinning.com/HowToDropspin.shtml http://ewedevil.com/spinning.htm http://www.graftonfibers.com/instructions.htm http://www.icanspin.com/toc.htm
  6. That is gorgeous and the yarn is absolutely stunning. Great job!
  7. That's a lovely shawl just as it is. You did an outstanding job. Enjoy wearing it.
  8. I see why your mom loved it, it's beautiful. For those you wanting to do the lover's knot stitch, check out this tutorial: http://faerycrafty.blogdrive.com/archive/520.html
  9. That is lovely and the colors are beautiful.
  10. I saw this episode today. That dress was amazing.
  11. That's really a lovely shawl Cheryl.
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