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  1. It might be nice if you did a picot in white on the edge, or a little bell... I feel like if you're going to have it on a dark table like the one in the photograph, it would be nice to have something contrasting on the edge so that it doesn't drift away into the table. It's such lovely work!!
  2. how wonderful!!! i love the sprinkles, they are soo necessary.
  3. Hi Melanie, I bought the yarn from a local store in downtown Philadelphia called Loop. It's located on South St. and 18th maybe? They do have a website, but the yarn isn't listed on it, I'm not sure why. You might be able to call them and request it though, I know it was in their sale section. Usually $8, they were 40% off! loopyarn.com is their website. Good luck!!!
  4. So I bought 5 colors, and did the permutations so that I would know just how many squares I could make without repeating the colors! Wrote them all down and scratched 'em off as I went. It turns out to be 60 delightful squares and goes down to my boyfriend's knees (after wrapping around his neck once). And he loves it. I'm so happy! The brand of yarn is "Miracle" and reeealy nice to work with.
  5. I've been inspired!!! And have also decided that this is the perfect opportunity to learn more exciting stitches. Constructive criticism always welcome!
  6. Slug Love

    creepy bunny

    I just love finger puppets! I tried to give this guy a pudgy belly. hehe Constructive criticism always welcomed!
  7. WOW!! I am so in love with your mittens!!!!!! they are absolutely thrilling!!! Thanks you for sharing this, I am so inspired!
  8. Yes!! this is it!! Wow you all are fantastic and helped me out with finding a lot of great polka dot square patterns!!! Scott will be so excited! Thank you all, again, very much!
  9. So I saw a fantastic free pattern online somewhere, but don't know where. It was a lovely baby blanket that had a pastel colored circle (closed, no hole in it) inside of a white square, so after you make all of the squares, it looks as though you have a white blanket with pastel polka dots! It was so cute! In fact, I bragged about it so much, my boyfriend decided he wanted to learn how to crochet so he could make it for his niece who's on the way!!! So I've taught him the basic stitches, he picked and bought the yarn he wanted... but now we need the pattern! Any leads are greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  10. Greetings! It's always very exciting to work big, I'd love to see your afgans. Welcome to crochetville!!
  11. Hugs from Louisiana ! Good luck with your pattern searching!
  12. Welcome! Seems we have something in common, I haven't been crocheting for very long either, and the first pattern I made up was a octopus fingerpuppet! yay for octopi!
  13. welcome! and I LOVE your pink bunny slippers!!!
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