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    I always enjoy a good morning coffee! always seeking nice crochet buddies to share patterns and seek new yarn stores. :)
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    San Luis Obispo, CA
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    sewing, collecting sewing/crochet books. making fun baby items!
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    On and off since 1976
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    Crocheting baby items, stuffed Dolls, reading and collecting crochet books.
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  1. Hi, anyone near this area that would like to hang out and crochet together or just email one another and chit chat cinlee
  2. Cinlee

    Pattern a Day

    Thankyou everyone! I wonder if they sell them in the malls yet? you know how they have them little carts in the center of the mall. That way I can just go buy it NOW! Cinlee
  3. Cinlee

    Pattern a Day

    Has anyone purchased the "Crochet Pattern-a-Day" Calendar 2010? I was curious about it? Thankyou, Cinlee
  4. WHO is Julie and how do you get these beautiful patterns! Thankyou
  5. I got my book! I'm starting my blankie tonight! Its a very nice book!!! Cinlee
  6. Cute...looks like a little onion head Cinlee
  7. Beautiful Sweater Fiona Looks like you all had a fabulous time Cinlee
  8. Granny Square....that pink cirlce with the Curlique sure sounds CUTE!!! Thankyou!!!! Cinlee
  9. Thankyou Mary, I was also thinking about clear Stitches, I've never tried it, but have heard of it....have you? or anyone?
  10. Hi there I'm working on a baby afghan, and I'm placing a piggy face on the squares. The Piggy face is pink and blanket is yellow. I stitch the PINK piggy face on and it keeps showing through the Back side of the blanket (which is yellow) I hope I make sense. DO you have any suggestion Please Thankyou! Cinlee
  11. This is cute for kids http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=68711&highlight=sock+monkey
  12. How sweet of you to make this for her its very nice
  13. What a GREAT JOB! Your friend sure will like this one!!!! Its very nice.
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