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    i love to crochet
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    crochet sewing and learning how to knit
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    bed dolls, afghans, learning more as I go
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  1. Very Pretty Love it ... I think it would look cute in pink and yellow humm I may have to make one...
  2. I have been gone a very long time lack of computer is one of the problems. So I thought I should say hello and re introduce myself. I am 25 living with my husband and our animals Cat Mitchell and Dog Pixe my yorkie. We are due with our first baby in August on the 23rd. I am getting back to my crochet roots I have been knitting to here and there but for now with a baby on the way crocheting a baby blanket dosent take any where near as long as knitting one ...Just wanted to say hello!!!:crocheting:crocheting
  3. I am wanting to make a entrelac blanket for the baby thats on the way I have looked all over and well I want to make sure I am doing this correct. any good places to find help with out having to buy a book would be great... Thanks
  4. I want to know how to do this I have the colors I want and a baby due in august help!!! where can i find the pattern to this!!!!
  5. great thanks a bunch! I have been looking for something so that this winter I can get Rid of some of my yarn.
  6. I hope everyone gets better... Just so you know I have been teaching my niece to crochet and she read this with me and said that even though you cant crochet she is going to crochet for all of you.. I thought this was nice coming from a 9 year old..
  7. I have a question just because all of you know so much about charity stuff and I am not really new to giving this kind of stuff away and helping out. I was wondering how you go about finding out about some of my local hospitals and finding out if they need help with like some blankets or even things like hats for the babies. If anyone can let me know how I can go about doing this or even if someone in the area you are in is needing some of this stuff I start my stash busting in the winter... Thank you Kristen
  8. thank you ladies for the help .... I am so glad I always come back here when i can find something
  9. ok I know its been a very long time from the last time i posted but been busy i am getting married ... but anyways I am loooking for any snowmen patterns anyone may have because i love snowmen... wanna get started before winter any help would be great thank you ...
  10. I love this blanket I may have to make it in brown and blue and white...
  11. oh my I want it to I will tell my mom thats what I want for my birthday I may get lucky
  12. I am going to think about doing this I have to do something this weekend while working on my yard sale ... hmm we will see ...
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