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    Clara White
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    I am the grandmother of three and the mother of two.
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    Crocheting, drawing, gardening
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    Marketing Director
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    Solid since 1990

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  1. I am going to sit down this weekend and try to write out the pattern and then I will post it. Thank you all for taking the time:coo to check it out. I hope I have inspired someone:idea .
  2. Glad you like it. Give me a little while and I will write down the pattern. It's kind of a combination of patterns. I'll be glad to share.
  3. To see my oxygen cover click on the link below. http://s168.photobucket.com/albums/u183/cwhite2/?action=view&current=1172080167.pbw This is from Photobucket, what a great place.
  4. Empress Busy Bee From one Georgia Peach to another-Thanks for the Photobucket web site
  5. I have finsihed my first tank cover and I would like to share it. Does anyone know where I can share a couple of pictures for a few days?
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