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  1. Thanks for the cheering on! Oooo, yes that's a good idea to make a sample and then block it and use it as inspiration! I'm totally sure I have enough yarn. I'm using skacel's Merino Lace (100% Fine Merino Wool). If I can actually make a swatch, I will post a picture. I've been looking on Ravelry for inspiration from other's people's work and all of theirs look SO much better than the "thing" I've created a few times hahaha.
  2. Hi Everyone, I fell in love with the Alpine Frost Scarf from Interweave Crochet's Winter 2008 magazine and want to make it for my mom for Christmas. However, this is the first time I've tried to crochet with lace weight yarn and I seem to be having a lot of problems. Has anyone else tried this pattern? Maybe I just need suggestions for crocheting with such a fine weight yarn. The pattern says to use a D hook. I usually crochet very tightly and have to go up at least 2 hook sizes to get the correct gauged (so I've attempted it with a D, E, and F hook and still I'm having issues). What is the proper tension to hold the yarn? My chains don't look very tight and it's hard for me to recognize my stitches. I realize that this pattern looks "normal" after blocking so I should expect to see something that doesn't look like the picture before I block it. I'm frustrated, but not giving up! Any pointers? Has anyone else tried this pattern?
  3. Hi everyone, I am making baby blankets for my friend that is having twin girls. However, I'm very undecided if I should make 2 blankets that are the same or should I make different ones? I've already started to make one of the blankets--it's made from basic 4 round granny squares with three alternating colors in the middle bordered by white. Should I make the same for the second twin? They'd be slightly different since I'm randomly picking the colors for the squares. OR should I do something different but using the same colors for the other twin? Any ideas?
  4. I LOVE this! So so so pretty! You did an amazing job!
  5. This is awesome!!!! I absolutely love it! I totally have to make something like this!!!! You're Big is *so* lucky to have you as a Little!
  6. Turning it is an interesting idea, but the length of the bed is the longest dimention....so it would appear even longer if I turned it Starting over is probably the best bet.......BUT that's ok cause crocheting is fun!
  7. Hey thanks for all of the wonderful complements!! I was thinking I would start it over because it really just is too long—I’m a tall person, but not that tall!! HEHEE. I thought I had measured out everything great when I first started (and yes, they’re rectangles, not squares….) but then the yarn started to stretch with the weight of the entire strip—so it got even longer than it began. I’m going to frog it, and make them square. At least I’ll be starting over when I’m still near the “beginning”. Thanks again!!!
  8. Ok, so I'm no where near done with this yet, but I've just realized how massive it is. I think I want to take it apart and start again making it smaller. What do you guys think? The two completed strips are on my full sized bed. I'm planning on making 10 of them with the colors rotating. Here's the "pattern" for the color layout.
  9. Lovely work!!! I LOVE the v-stitch one! What kind of yarn did you use and how much yarn did it take?
  10. WOW!!! I love it!!! Excellent color combination!
  11. It's Moda Dea Cherish, but I don't remember the exact color. It's like a green with a hint of blue.
  12. Finally finished this baby blanket for my cousin. I started it when she was expecting and had hoped to have it done before the baby was born but that didn't happen---so now, it's for my new little baby boy cousin :-)
  13. This is my second flannelghan! I absolutely love this pattern!! My edging is a bit different, but it still looks good! I made this for my friend who LOVES, and I mean LOVES!!! the Pittsburgh Steelers!
  14. Ooooo I love it!!! I'd love to make something like this, and I think to really make the pieces look like puzzle pieces I might outline them in black with a surface slip stitch or something. Awesome, awesome job!!! You're such an inspiration!
  15. I can't remember if I shared this or not, but it's an ipod cozy I made one night on my subway ride to and from school!
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