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    I have 3 children and a terrific husband.
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    Too many to pick one.
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    Grandma taught me in '82, actively since 2004.
  1. Jessica, did you try it already? Could you post a picture of your finished hat?
  2. Thank you! That is pretty much the idea I was wanting.
  3. Looking for a pattern where the earflaps are worked as you are doing the rounds. (Stitch increases on each side or larger stitches?) I want something different than making the hat first and then adding the earflaps.
  4. Holy Cow! I bet he was dumbfounded, that is awesome!!
  5. One of my absolute faves!! Soft and cuddly, washes extremely well, good color choices and very reasonably priced!
  6. This is a very easy and well written pattern for a one piece slipper/sock: http://www.******/crochet/slisoc.html
  7. So they are slippers that look like mary janes with socks underneath? I may have to try a pair of those!
  8. Yeah! Adopt me too? Both are so beautiful together!
  9. Glad you are back! The ponchos are terricif and I really love the necklace!
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