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  1. Hi Everyone, Just to let you know I'm now on Row 23 (after unpicking the last 2 rows) - (so I'm slow) - I'm am loving this pattern and determined to do it right. Jana - I would call the colour of my shawl rose pink. Cheers, jessica53.
  2. Hi Jana, Can I please have a copy of your first 10 rows written out? I'm having problems and not really sure I'm doing this right. Back on Row 3 but due to only missing a chain in a mesh. I need all the help I can get, Robyn.
  3. Hi Jana, Thanks so much for invite. Am struggling with first two rows only because I'm not reading my instructions properly. Now starting my second row again, slowly and properly (lol). I'm using McGregors Mohair + wool (Australian) from my stash. Have a feeling I may need some assistance with this shawl. Oh well, wish me luck. Cheers, Robyn.
  4. Hi, Am I too late to join this cal? I just love all the shawls, well done! Is there a problem with my being left-handed? I haven't had much trouble with other patterns I have tried but not sure about this one? Regards, jessica.
  5. What a lovely gift for your mum. Can you please let me know what size hook you used? Cheers, Jessica.
  6. I luv your poncho, well done! I can't find the pattern anywhere, can you help please? Cheers, Jessica.
  7. Hi Vicki, I wanna buy this pattern from you if it's available. Please remember me, I'm desperate (lol). You do such lovely designs etc. Jessica.
  8. Congratulations, I just luv the darker poncho! Are you going to make the pattern available to us dedicated learners? Jessica.
  9. Just gorgeous...I want one...please can I have the yarn & hook size. Cheers, Jessica.
  10. I love your shawl. Am going to make one for myself. How many balls of Carons Simply Soft did you use? Which Simply Soft is it? Cheers, Jessica.
  11. Gotta rush, washing up and crocheting taking my time lol! Gorgeous pink & mauve mohair shawl (your pattern) on the go. Just love it and will post a picture when finished. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Jessica.
  12. Thank you soooo much for your pattern. All I need now is somewhere in Australia to buy Joanne's yarn lol. Think I'l have to substitute. You are so kind, Jessica.
  13. My sister made me a black fine polar fleece throw shaped like this. She then crocheted aroung it in black&white feathers. She's not really a crocheter but it looks good. As I'm a leftie/learner, I thought I'd buy some knit/crochet fabric, cut it out the same way & then crochet a border. I can measure my throw if anyone wants it! Jessica.
  14. Hi, I just love 2 of the Ponchos' but am unable to access the instruction pages. Help! Regards, Jessica.
  15. Hi, I'm from Krawarree via Braidwood NSW. I'm really just a learner, have MS so spend more time looking at everyone else's work than doing my own. I've taught myself (I'm a leftie as well - lol) and can do most basic stitches now. Am currently working on two poncho's and a throw. Isn't that how we do it, he, he! Also knitting a scarf. Cheers, Jessica.
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