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    Married to Eric for 14 years. We have three cats Misa, Tuon & Ghost.
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  1. Glad the wind is letting up and it ended up not causing too much damage
  2. Misa

    Prairie Star gift

    Oh it's absolutely stunning Val!!
  3. Oh the fingerless gloves look nice don't they? Lucky you to get a giftie Hmmm, maybe I'll make me some
  4. Oh Linda!! It's beautiful! I love the colors! And oh dear, no the damaging kind of wind isn't any fun I didn't realize it was that bad. Hope it's not too bad
  5. Howdy ladies :2hug Oh I've been a lazy cuss all day It's that evil day after the RA med day so I've been in bed all day listening to a book, petting the kitties and dozing. I feel quite rested now Odd how it takes feeling sick and weak to get some rest, ain't it? Linda - Oh I like those cold, rainy, windy days....as long as I don't have to get dressed or leave the house I like the wind because it howls through our attic making the place sound almost haunted Yes, I know I'm weird but I love it! Don't worry about the gifties. It just means extra Christmas cheer for the recipients Mary - Yep, Julie's new CAL is hopping from what I hear. Sounds like they're having a great time. Hooray for new yarn!! I'm dying to do more Christmas shopping. It's my absolute most favorite kind. But I'm out of things to buy and BD is starting to receive the credit card bills I hear ya about the "helpers". Tuon was sick for about 5 days so it was quieter here. The vet gave her a mega antibiotic the other day though and today she's back to her onery self. I'm happy to see her feeling good again but boy she and Ghost are making up for the lost play time Oh cool! I just talked BD into bringing home burgers for supper. So a day in bed and no cooking to boot Today has turned out simply grand I hope y'alls day has been just as fabulous!
  6. You're not bothering us She usually logs out for the night right about this time.
  7. I love Ayden's quilt Linda! You did a fabulous job!
  8. Linda - I'm so glad you're having pretty weather today Hi Nicole! Roxy - I PMd you. Howdy gals :2hug Today's my day out. Only one or possibly two more of those and then my sister starts school. I'm very proud of her and I know she will do stunningly well but gosh I'll miss that day out every week. Guess BD will actually have to take me somewhere once or twice a month. He's not big on outings and he doesn't like bingo at all Finished the baskets yesterday for BD to take to work today. He was very impressed with them. I told him good because that was as good as it got. Those things made me about half nuts I hope everyone has a great day
  9. Oh. So your DH is like BD eh? Waits until the end then wants to go shopping in my stash of completed projects Well, at least they're appreciative
  10. Yes, I feel like I'm running way behind this year as well. Oh wait. That would be because I *am* running behind Thankfully the celebration with my side of the family isn't until after the first of the year so I still have a couple of weeks
  11. Good morning ladies :2hug Yep, I'm still up. It's getting where six hours is plenty sleep for me these days. And it is a seriously glorious day in the neighborhood today The temperature is just above freezing but it's nice and cozy in the house. Makes me feel all Christmasy and comfy and just wonderful! I've been on the go all week but today I get to stay home and work on Christmas projects I still have to get the baskets for BDs folks all made up. I've been a total slacker on that I wanted to add some more stuff but I ran out of eggs for the third time in 10 days. I knew I should've bought that big ol' box with 5 dozen eggs in it I still think they'll be great. I am going to try to remember to get some piccies of them all made up if I don't forget And if I can keep Ghost out of my tote I'm going to work some more on my older nephew's ghan I wish you all the happiest day possible
  12. Linda - Can't wait to see the new quilt! Went to bed at just before 9 o'clock last night and here I am up early So I thought I'd come have post #17,000 here in the House Boy, I talk too much Hmmm, wonder if I can crochet in peace being 3:30ish in the a.m. and Ghost will leave my yarn alone?
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