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  1. Hi, Help I remember seeing a book with a family of mushroom amigurumi. Of course now that I am wanting to crochet them I can't remember where I have seen them. I remember they were cute and in a book. Any one have any ideas? My team seems to have turned in to mushrooms lately so I figured I would create some cute ones. Thanks The mushroom techie!
  2. Hello, In my experience with post stitches aka cables, yes they will look distorted when you are working it. Usually mine look good when I block it in the end. Of course me blocking is funny to watch. Have you tried replacing the sc with a hdc or even a full dc? Of course you now have my curiosity up what are you working on? Laura
  3. I have started using evernote (evernote.com, I have the app on my cell, tablet and yes my PC). I save all patterns to evernote, then tag it with what ever the type of project it is. Makes hunting far easier. For my books, I have started an excel sheet that I store in evernote so can refer to it in stores before I buy stuff.
  4. Time for me to join in on the fun. I have way too many WIP's, a few UFO's that will be finished or ended and I went through my variegated stash on Sunday, let's just say I can crochet lot's of afghans with no additional yarn.. I am increasing my daily crochet time during the work week to 2hrs for a new years resolution, or my team may be short another tech before the end of 2013. Oh wait that bomb shell gets dropped within 2 weeks. Oh well. OK off to crochet then get some sleep. Some of us start work @ 7am for New Years coverage. Happy New Year every one Laua
  5. Hi. Yesterday in Joanns I saw new Bernat 12oz's in "vintage" colors. I saw on the label an afghan made of washcloths. Of course I can't find it on web site either . Not exactly normal for me. Any one have the label and can look for me? Otherwise Tuesday maybe time for a visit to Joann's:2blush Shana Tov to my fellow Jew's Thanks! Laura
  6. If your looking for cables try http://crochetgarden.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=92 Great reversible cables. One group has scarf, hat and mittens matching. She has some on Annies Attic too! Laura
  7. I go one of 2 ways. My absolute favorite is I love this yarn. This is a soft wonderful acrylic yarn. You can find it at hobbylobby.com My second favorite is Vanna's Choice. I have done cute Dragons in both I have a village plotted in them too. I cannot use RHSS because it's too rough and I have some times have a strange itchy reaction to it. Laura
  8. I was thinking the same thing. I did start playing with gauge swatch. So far I have will have to go up at least to a J or K hook, or maybe even an L. I know I crochet tight at times, but I was going really loose and it's still too narrow (by an inch the first time). Thanks again
  9. Hi, I could use some help. I am sweater newbie. I have done any thing else for more then 20 years. I love the perfect fall sweater in Crochet today but of course I have 1 thing I need help on changing. I don't like the way the sweater closes. I would rather have more traditional closure with buttons and sides overlap. Any ideas? Any thing I should be wary of with crocheting this sweater? The directions look interesting. I like the stitch. I am going to make the sleeves and pockets longer (hey no room for crackberry's in pockets is not good). This project screams J hook and I love this yarn Ivory (which I have enough of in my stash). Thanks for the help. Laura
  10. I may be one of the late learners here. I learned when I was 11 or 12. Mom crocheted, I figured if my cross-eyed mother could do it so could I. I fell in love with a red heart variegated and claret. Mom and I sat across from each other, she showed me left handed I did it right handed. I held my hook like a pencil with my ring finger crossed over holding yarn (for years). My first project was a big granny square. Should I mention its a UFO and I can tell you where in my closet it is? For years I could only crochet a little at a time because of how I held the hook. In college I figured out the knife holding method (so much better), but at the time I was into cross-stitch heavily. I did rotate with crochet at times. Fast forward to July 2002 the one newest members of my family (10 week old Lucy Kitten) decided to show me she liked to eat thread (complete with double ended needle hanging out of her mouth with the thread still attached) cross-stitch went up and books came out. My ADHD finally got the best of me a few months latter and I needed to have something to relive stress and occupy my mind and hands in front of the TV. Just one thing crocheting was boring at times. So the internet came to the rescue! I found Susan B's ripple pattern. I fell in love with it. So far I have done 5 of them. Granny squares are fun, Cables are blast, the diagnol stitch is my new granny, snow dragons, potatoe the squrel and of course even more afghans have found homes in my rotation since then. Fortutely the kittens (now 6 years old) don't eat yarn, they just bat at it and love the end results. My colegues think it's funny, I work virtually all day with little to show for my efforts (I have been an email administrator for 8 years) and here I am doing something girly. Laura
  11. Recently I have done far too much traveling for my taste. I flew out of mitchel airport and flew into boston & atlanta. I had no trouble taking my metal hooks with a pendent cuter from clover. I had many crochet hooks due to my bad packing. In fact I had no clue how many untill I got to both places (6 in my carry on). I had a worse time with my lugage getting to Mitchel airport 6 hrs after I did then I did with security. But this was me. back to work Laura
  12. I am counted94 their too, couldn't resist. Now if only I had time to play on it rather then work or crochet
  13. Hey, I am adicted to this stitch: http://www.crochetcabana.com/stitches/diag-box-st.htm It would look neat using a magic ball. It's easy, just Chains, Slip stitches and Double crochet. Just make it as large as you want. Laura
  14. I have two more to add. When you see the 2008 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece post you think, is this an excuse to start another project or just finish one of the mammoth ones you already have started:think It's not even a question of if you are going to participate. When you suddenly discover the training you thought/hoped would be within driving distance is not. You are going to Atlanta for a week. The first thoughts are: No problem, I know the airport will let my crochet hooks (last trip I over packed just 6 hooks in carry on, 4 in checked luggage to Boston for 1 week, no one said a word) through the check points At least this time I have a small project (LOL try 63 cables I am at 30 on the first pass of two) to carry in my lap top case for the inevitable delays/lay overs. Now how much yarn am I really going to use? Hey, now I have an reason to raid the books on CD's the guys at work have so I can listen during the delays while crocheting! Clothes, no worries. Comfy crochet clothes Jeans and shorts (I am a techie you expect me to show up at disaster recovery training in heels? I think not.) Bet's how many hours/days it takes me to get home to Milwaukee if I get a non direct flight? More then 3 squares and I am talking to an airline manager. Scary isn't it. Laura
  15. The first question should be do you have pet's? If you have cat's I find my hooks in blankets, favorite nap spots, under couches, tv stands, Lap top cases have a great number of holes for hooks, cars and even in the basement. I suspect that dogs have the same hobbies. Check brief cases too. Mine have a habit of migrating to strange places. My torrtie Izzy has a habit of helping "babies" (any thing she can carry ranging from pipe cleaners to crochet hooks) to the food dish. Her sisters are not impressed. I hope this helps. Good Luck! Laura
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