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  1. if anyone is interested in the pattern for the blue ghan shown on the show it is the "lacy chevron "pattern it is available on the leisure arts site for download via ebook for 4.99 by it's self or in a book with other patterns for 9.95 called afghan parade just in case you might have old book sitting around ..another alternative which doesn't have the quite the high valleys and peaks but it is free pattern called "mountain mist" ..apparently their has been such a rukus over the t.v afghan leisure arts dug up the old pattern and is now offering it again as solo pattern or in a book as told to me by a leisure arts employee on site. The pattern on the leisure arts site is considered "easy" pattern
  2. my Yorkie Lula Von Hoot approves of this pattern and gives it 5 thumbs up...just adorable making one for the kitchen wall about only room there isn't a picture of her ..lol .ss us yorkie people are crazied..if you ever want a magical dog turn your gaze to a Yorkshire ..you really out did anything I have seen in the crochet yorkie world..I am serious
  3. gotta love that cute basket it brings the gift altogether so nicely..I need to make a few of those
  4. my fav knit dishcloth is the pinwheel pattern found on lots of cotton wrappers but you have to fiddle around with double point needles which I love anyhow..your design is much prettier then grannies of which I have made lots of too lol
  5. put me down as a sparkle lover too if it doesn't have sparkle I add it many times..I love anything pinwheel, nice pattern and good job..
  6. I would like to see how to attach that V triangle to a round star ripple increasing the points , I want to make sure I do it right , I have some sort of mental block on this..what else is new!
  7. I am trying to catch up on this show..only at the last of season 4 not only eye candy and thrills, but they have given me many actual belly laughs even a weepy eye..the writers are fantastic..now that I am caught up on falling skies I am back to my boys..note> MY <
  8. did you all notice that vintage type flower granny pattern afghan, in the Arlene and Terry house scenes looked so cozy makes me want to make one/loved the colors too...speaking of uncomfortable I was a little uncomfortable watching the Eric and Sookie scene <ya sure you were> and almost teared up looking at the fore lone Bill face..we won't even get into the Jason were-panther scene ..to be continued
  9. ty for pattern I love anything that spirals..think I will make a kitchen cloth out of pattern using thin plastic colorful cording I get at Lowes for the spiral for scrubby-ness and then cotton on the outer area..Hey you said anything I can think of right :) this pattern done in the right colors and placement with that glorious spiral in the middle would make fantastic afghan I might add
  10. have one old shawl that has gotten sorta yucky looking from years of use and washings.. I like a shawl over a sweater on cold nights while I am sitting working..more freedom for my arms and just feels so warm and nice on my shoulder and back area, plus something quick to toss on to walk dog early in morn and this one looks just so snuggly looking not to mention the beautiful colorway you have chosen
  11. being an avid Horror movie fan I see crochet afghan sightings in almost every movie as you know many are low budget they must raid mom's and grand's house for prop's/ or use the ones that mom or grand have made for them, wouldn't you love seeing one of your ghans in a movie no matter how bad the movie was? I am 2 eps behind on new season True Blood I better get busy ...was nice cameo of Singer I always had a thing for him
  12. I have caught a few bouquets in my time..but I am still waiting to walk down the aisle:flower, perhaps catching this bouquet would work Beautiful tote as always, and Happy Anniversary to all June brides and Grooms
  13. plz add me ..my hanging potholders are getting a little tired looking..and these are so cute n cheery looking I like the fact they are not cotton as mine have faded and kinda droopy looking just from hanging on the wall thank you for your most generous contest
  14. just a lovely job on shawl, I remember pulling out a few hairs my first serapa,then couldn't wait to make another ..wow I would be cuddling and pawing that yarn too it's fab,I kept my first one to wear to a bluegrass festival
  15. ty Rhelena for link: chains I am seeing many possible applications purse handles , decoration around purse opening etc. etc. also love that sunflower Dollie which immediately caught my attention and slouch hat pattern on site, I like those hats for early dawn I gotta go NOW! dog walking when she won't wait for me to deal with my longish hair that looks like banshee warrior in morn lol
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