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  1. Let's see... -felted tea cozy for my mom (FCEC pattern) -spiral doily for my friend -small doily for my mom -shrug for myself (I think I should frog it and start over) Need to: start doily for doily swap Things I want to do: -cupcake's tea cozy for my mom -tank top for myself (have yarn and pattern, just need to start) -bathing suit top (have yarn, need pattern) -other doily/motif patterns
  2. A day late, but I was just thinking I need to get organized: 1. A small Teddy Bear that only needs eyes/mouth/nose and ends weaved in. (I'm afraid I'm going to mess this up...) 2. My Flamenco Wrap - but it's too small for me... and I need to attach the edging somehow... wish I'd done that as I went along! 3. A doily I want to make 4. Doilies/bookmarks that need blocking 5. A shrug that I just made a swatch for out of nice cotton yarn. 6. A larger Teddy Bear on the double crochet hooks 7. 2 Afgans on my Knit a Round 8. Socks on my knitting loom that I discovered
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