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  1. Hello from south georgia! Glad you joined us!
  2. i can't say it was my favorite,(by the time i finished it i was ready to rethink crocheting ), but it was the first thing i ever crocheted. it is not my best work and i have learned alot since i made this. i made it for a friend to give her first grandchild on her first birthday. it is an afghan made from 1,700 (yes..... i said 1,700) baby granny squares. i swore i would never make anything from squares again. of course i have, but to this day i still have nightmares about weaving in ends and joining those squares. by the way... she loved it.... i think i would have definitly give up on crochet if she had hated it. i look at it now and think i could have done so much better, but i am still very proud of it!
  3. Found that site about a week ago and saved it. i thought it was great too and i know it will come in handy!
  4. thank you all for your help. i think when i finish it will be big enough so even if by chance it does shrink it will still be fine. and trust me.... i can shrink anything...lol.
  5. here is on at angel craft's site. you need to sign up to get the pattern, but it is free. http://www.angelcrafts.net/ look under afghan patterns don't know if it is the same one you are looking for. hope this helps!
  6. Hi and Welcome from south Georgia! You will love it here!
  7. i am wondering if you think cotton 8 will shrink. i am making a pillowghan using: cotton 8 h hook and the pattern is from CPC 12" squares called wheel lattice. (mine are about 10 1/2" because of using cotton 8) i plan on using flat braid joining. i am just wondering if i need to make it bigger than i planned to compensate for shrinkage when washed. also, for those of you who are always creating your own square designs or other designs, how do you get started????? i can follow a pattern with no problems, but when it comes to making something up outta thin air i am lost. how do you do the math to figure out what stitches will work out properly and evenly with other stitches you are using or is it just do something and frog and start over until you get it right? does that make sense??? anyway just looking for tips that might help me branch out on my own.
  8. Sounds like you got a great mother's day gift! What could be a better gift than to sit beside your dd and crochet together!
  9. Hi! Welcome to the group. You will enjoy it here and make lots of friends.
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