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    Mom's friend tought me to knit at 5, tought myself to chrochet some years later
  1. that's a great Christmas doily.
  2. oh, what a nice job you did. It looks perfect.
  3. what a wonderful snowflake. Looks great!
  4. lovely is the best work I think.
  5. good job blocking too, this is perfect to the eye! good pictures show it off nicely.
  6. I started this last summer and it became a handy present to take with me on a wonderful vacation to Goa. A colleague from work gave me his families name and number and I took this doily as a gift when I went to meet them. I'm not sure I remember how to use photo bucket, so these pictures may or may not work.
  7. I agree, it worked up really nicely! very pretty.
  8. I've made that doily, but mine wasn't that pretty. What a great idea the beads were.
  9. Oh wow! you really did justice to that beautiful pattern. I love it.
  10. That is gorgeous. Looks like a really lot of work, and you did a fantastic job.
  11. I bet she did love it. That is gorgeous.
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