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  1. Oh BTW.... the back is suppose to measure 16' but after my accurate amount of chains and 20 ch spaces... mine is about 13' I am debating on frogging and starting over with a bigger size.. and yes.. I am using a L hook and yarn that is very close?!?! = )
  2. oh no... you read the pattern through!!!! If I do that, it makes me want to throw the book!! Hey.. we are from the tri-state.. of course we are gonna thing alike:yes I am just going slow on this one and take it one step at a time... When I get to the front, then I will question why it slants, untill then... I don't know nuthin:devil
  3. Do you mean dig in the skein and pull out the other end? or will that get me a tangled mess? I don't mind cutting the yarn and then tying back on.. if that is going to make it easier.. Will post my progress... or lack of.. Hope you feel better:hug
  4. http://www.bernat.com/pattern.php?PID=2400 Might be to big for the little ones...
  5. KnicKnac... you are the best! I am less panickey at this one because this is my first attempt at a "wearable" so I figured I would run into some problems:think You explained it perfectly... now me trying it is another story! I am going to give it a shot tonight and see what happens.. I will also post a pic for further clarity... As I said many many many many many times before... everyone here is SO helpful! Thanks!! PS: I did not frog this project totally so I am glad I don't have to start from scratch:yay
  6. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can't wait!!!!!!!!! = )
  7. This looked simple and all of thoses who made it said it was simple... so I just finished the back.. and now the sleaves... Is it me or are the instructions confuning?? Probably me thought:eek I am suppose to attach new yarn on the 1st st of the 11th row and chain a certain # of chains.. Then I am suppose to chain another certain # of chains on the last loop of the 11th row... Are these 2 chains being attached to each other somehow??? Arg.. I know its confusing to explain... If anyone has any understanding of what I am trying to explain, that would be great... if not.. I don't blame you:yes Thanks... this might call for going to AC Moore and asking the nice crochet lady!
  8. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh:clap I am soooooo happy and excited!! I am currently working on another for you and a bit worried that it wont be as worthy as everyone elses.. this is my first swap:blush But.. I am happy with the results thus far!! I like tassles.. a few...
  9. http://www.bond-america.com/products/usm.html I bought this thing about 2 years ago... I have only used it once to try it out.. but it turns out that I did not have the right size board to clamp it to.. I would suggest that if anyone wants this they must either have used this before OR have a lot of patience.. I did not find it ALL that great... hey... I am just being honest! I have ALL the components with exception of the small skein of yarn it came with:hook Any offers? PM me! Thanks!
  10. Hi and welcome!! I use to have a summer home in Hemlock Farms.. in the heart of the poconos.. Have you been to the flea market on route 209?
  11. Just chain your arm length or desired length and just decrease in the beinning 2 ch and the end 2 ch and each row after...
  12. Cool handles!! and your fabric is AWESOME!
  13. Hi and welcome from your neighbor in Westchester County, NY:clap
  14. Well, if you run into any problems you will know who NOT to ask, me lol. I am already thinking about a bulky weight bigger one... on no! As for confusing me for her, she is the one with all the beautiful compleasted items and I am the one asking all the questions, lol... Thanks!
  15. Thanks! The yarn is Joanns sensations Bellezza collection Cosetta. I fell in love with it! ha! Another bag? yes! lol... now that I understand (sort of) the workings of the pattern, I can def do another without panic:eek I want to try a bigger one! Thanks!
  16. Thank you!!! You are much appreciated for your rescue last night! KA-Boom!!!
  17. If this is what you are referring to: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=49201 Its not mine... We have similar avatars which she created herself!!
  18. After all the stress... THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!!
  19. After all the issues...... viola PS: Why is it soooo small? lol
  20. I am so glad that I can amuse you, what? Am I a clown? Do I make you laugh? haha lol I guess I got the name when every single one of my projects was exactly that, a project! so I became cranky.. all the time! But with the help of EVERYONE here.. I manage! I guess I crochet vicariously through everyone Also, I have to give credit where credit is due... sulene (misspelled) actually made the avatar and I found it on the web and thought it did me justice...and it does. Believe me, I still have questions about the bag even after I finished it last night... why is it so small? Did I decrease right? arg.. sometimes I need to write out each row line by line so I can see the proper stitch count, although I know that it goes up by 2, it help to cross it off on a piece of paper! OK.. enought blabbering for me... PS: I have A LOT more on the hook so stay tuned for more temper tantrumes!
  21. Thank you both for being online and setting my crochet right!
  22. OK... I am breathing now! Yes, I did do it like I was continuing on with the stitches, on the short end. I was wondering why I was not getting the correct amount of stitches for the hendle flaps! OK.... I will frog what I just did and continue on with the flaps on the long side! Thanks for coming to my rescue:applause phew.... close one... I was on the phone with my BF and just got VERY cranky with him for no reason! I am going to call him now to appologize. Thank you!
  23. I found ther PERFECT yarn the PERFECT handles and the PERFECT lining for my HH Fat Bottom bag.. Had some problems but I thought I worked them out... After I lined the bag and compleated the handles, I realized that the bad DID NOT WORK!! My sides are WAY to big... My increase or my decrease must have been the culprit and I don't know how I did it! I thought I was going to sew up the seams somehow?!?! I literally just finished crying... Can I salvage this? I am so discouraged:(
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