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  1. Welcome from NY!! My boyfriend is from the south coast of MA.
  2. The clickable is easy.. check this out http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=44217&highlight=photobucket PS: Great goodies!
  3. YARN DIVA!!! YOU ROCK!! :hook Thank you!
  4. I can knit also... how would you rate the pattern? I was just going to try it with ww...
  5. I saw that someone was looking for the headband that has the little ipod holder in the back.... there were some varations that needed modification, I don't do modification:lol The pattern was for knit.. I dislike knitting... Has anyone converted the pattern or know another like it? If not.. I will modify!!!! At least I will try... Thanks!!
  6. Cynthia.... All you have to do is read my posting in the HHFBB Cal to know you are NOT alone... I am inexperienced as well and I say YOU CAN DO IT:cheer My bag came out small too (check out my siggy below to see) What I did... I wrote out EACH line of the pattern.. with the exact amount of inc or dec and the total row count to keep me on track... its some work but it will help you as you finish row by row... Like I said, if I can do it... so can you!
  7. http://www.crochetme.com/ultimate-crocheted-socks http://www.graftonfibers.com/socks.htm http://www.crochetme.com/in-your-shoes-ankle-socks Any of these?
  8. Nikki - I am glad you like everything!!! I was sooooooooooo nervous:worried This was my first swap and my crochet skills are just becomming well, skills so I was nervous like I said!!! So stuffing the box with goodies made me feel better! Thanks for being such a great swap partner!!
  9. ARE YOU CRAZY WOMAN??????? lol Just kidding!! This would actually be my first wearable and the task is a bit daunting! I had a hard enough time figuring out the guage.. Since the yarn is plyable, I just figured it would be be enough for me... Guage, pfffff lol But thanks for the reference, I will def look at all my options on the next one!!
  10. Check out the HHFBB CAL thread.. someone made a fat bottom but instead of handles they made a shoulder strap.. its very cool!! and perfect size!!
  11. Perhaps on my second one... yes I do plan another one after I tangle with this mess to make another... Sounds interesting!!
  12. Any one have a pattern for Romance besides the ones listed on the LB site? It is pretty tricky to work with... I tried making one of the wraps but the way the yarn is, it leaves a unsightly loop?!?! At least for me! Thanks!
  13. For $2.99.. I will be storing yarn in these...... http://www.carolwrightgifts.com/cwg_v2/cwg_layout_base2.cfm?mid_sec_page=cwg_prod_detail&seq_no=6&min_seq_no=908&SingleItem=37477
  14. Yellow is a BAD color for text!!! Can't read a thing!! Try using a different color!
  15. Are you ready????? Going to start where I left off tonight!! I actually got to the second row of the sleeves across the back thing... but.. one sleeve has one more stitch...I am totally not starting over so tell me that its fine:no lol
  16. Well be sure to post the website when done, not only do I love purses, but I love the handles as well!!!
  17. Can it get any better then this??? I have had an an insane week and I am very sorry for not posting or sending earlier!! (Clickable and please ignore my monkey PJs) And the goodies.... I will be mailing out my package tuesday PRIORITY!!!! Nikki, I hope you are back from your trip and come home to my little package!! Conf# will be e-mailed to coordinator and you!!
  18. OF COURSE!!!! I have had a hectic few days.. I did take the pics but they will be up tonight!!! I have been celebrating my birthday and all the non stop fun got the best of me!! I went out last night for dinner and it was beautiful weather in NYC so I wore my neopolitan scarf.. it was smashing!!!
  19. OMG Nikki.... THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I was alway all weekend and I saw them this morning!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! I will def post pics tonight!! I LOVE the half moon shawl and the LOOK at me pink scarf!! sooooo nice!! and and and and and and (lol) the little soft petals scarf... I just LOVE everything!! This is my first swap and it is awesome that someone is handmaking you something... great feeling:c9 You are the BEST swap partner ever!!! I will be shipping this week...just getting some goodies!!! I hope hope hope you will be happy with what I made for you!!!
  20. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I am at my BF house tonight and my mom said I had a package!!! :eek OMG OMG OMG... my first swap package.. I am soooooo excited!!! Thank you thank you!!!! I can't wait to get home tomorrow (Friday) soooo excited!! PS: I am finishing up and almost ready to send yours!! I hope you like everything..
  21. Miss Knac.... you are way too funny I have been busy with summer scarf swap but I swear that I look at my knot so finished shrug every night, last night I even touched it! But pleasssssssssse watch out for my post... I will be starting back on it next week... and probably needing your much needed help and humor!!!
  22. I am sorry.. I can't have a satelite dish on my house!
  23. Are you seriously asking me that question? No, I did not.. but the back is only a few rows so I am going to start it again... and I will make a guage swatch first...
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