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  1. Hummmmm I have to read this when I have a clear head but it sounds like a plan..... thanks for sharing!!!
  2. I love the handles and the beads are great!! Great size too!!
  3. I tried 6 slipper patterns tonight.... Don't feel bad!! If you get frustrated, put down your hook and pick it up later....
  4. Great idea about moving the seam on the bottom... Def going to do that! As for the other rows I am just going to crochet as per pattern without the whole crochet in row below previous row crap... As always.. thanks for your help!!
  5. Thanks Darski.. I just hate that I knew what that was but how they wrote it threw me off totally.. I am restarting them now..
  6. I am going to start from scratch this this post. I am working on these slippers and the following rows are confusing me: Row 3 Ch 2, hdc in next 2 sts, inc (hdc in next 3sts, inc) around to last 2 sts. hdc in each of the next 2 sts. Join. So where am I making the increase? Row 13 and 18 have stumped me too Row 13 - Am I just SCing in the last row right below where I am? Row 18 - I just totally frogged these because I was annoyed that I could not understand the beginning and I just did whatever... I want to do these right.. Is it also possible not to join so I don't have a seam on the front? In row Thanks for all your help!!
  7. Hi and welcome from Westchester County, NY!!
  8. I would be happy to..Of couse mine came out way smaller and weirder!! http://www.berroco.com/exclusives/magritte/magritte.html And thanks!!
  9. Hey woman.. thanks!! I used the L hook.. do you think I would really take this pattern into my own hands and use something different!!! I used the small size in the book... maybe that is the difference.. and I used RHSSS?!?!?! We should all do another one!! And PS... whats up with your pics on your blog and on here.. they are all X-ed out!
  10. My bf grew up in Swansea just over the bridge from Fall River.. There are a few yarn spots in Fall River.. http://www.textilelinks.com/com/shop/ma.html Make sure you check out Little Compton, RI in the summer.. the beaches are small and beautiful!
  11. The weekend jacket in the new Spring 07 Interweave looks really nice and it says its easy...
  12. Thanks! The colors really did felt SO nice together.. I used Patons classic wool and the color is regency
  13. Hello all... I have one skein of Patons wool in regency and I am looking for a little project to felt.. I checked out CPC site and did not find anything that dropped my jaw... any small felted project patterns out there that you guys like?
  14. Thanks guys! I followed the pattern exactly with the exception of using a J hook. I used 2 full skins of Patons classic Wool in regency and a tiny bit of the 3rd ( I don't look it as waste, just another beautiful colof for my scrap-ghan:lol ) Check out this post for goodie2shoes take on the pattern and what changes she made.
  15. Thanks to Goodie2shoes for the inspiration I made and felted this tote. Using this LB pattern. I had to felt 3 times to get it to the size I wanted but totally worth the wait!!! Clicky!
  16. Goodie... Again thanks for the inspiration!! I felted a 3rd time and got it to where I love it!! So without further ado.. Before (Clickable) After (Clickable)
  17. There is already a CAL for the FFB and the Knot So Ugly Shrug - FYI Great idea!!!
  18. Ok Goodie.. I made the bag and felted it... twice..(Thanks for the pattern and inspiration) I agree that the strap could be a bit more narrow but my question lies in the felting. Can I get it smaller by felting again? It also does not have the nice shape yours does, its more market bag like... I really love it but want to make it smaller, am I felting wrong? I did hot cold cycle with a pair of jeans. Thanks for any advice!! I will post pic tonight!
  19. Awesome... I am going to double the base chain too and I will start using the 7 from the beginning instead of the 5. I am just going to finish felting a market bag and going to get started on this... I think I had a dream of this big bag... Thanks Nichole!
  20. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh That was my fav line in that movie BEFORE I even learned how to crochet... You just cracked me up:haha I have to get that sound byte to make a ringtone for my cell...
  21. Forgive me for the non-stop questions about this but I am going to double the pattern..now.. should I keep the row count the same and just add rows? I plan on 30 inc, 30 staight and 30 dec as iamnicole did but should I keep the same row count with the 5 inbetween? Thanks ladies!
  22. Diva... that made SO much sense!! :think yea right! I ended up slipstitching the whole thing... I will also use a lighter weight next time.. I was sweating yesterday!! But.. super proud to make my first wearable Hiding my up madeup face This pattern gives me so many ideas to lengthen the sleaves and even the body portion... or maybe criss cross wrap around!!
  23. I posted this in the shrug CAL too.. Whoooo hoooo.. All done with the crochet portion of the shrug and I am getting ready to sew. I have 2 questions: 1. It says sew on the wrong side.. which side is that? 2. Any particular way I should sew? Through any particular loops? I totally love this pattern now, I can see how it actually forms into the shrug and made me start to think about all the options you can do with this basic pattern. You can make it long sleeve or longer to the waist or criss cross the front!! Possibilities are endless BUT... with all the problems I had maybe I should just stick with this one for now, lol:D Thanks!!! OH... Special thanks to Knicknak... you helped me BIG time!!!
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