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  1. I just wanted to thank my Fairy Godmother.. I was having a crappy day and my mom called me and told me that I got something from my Fairy Godmother, she laughed! I moved to MA so I am glad that my mom is at my old address to receive the goodness.. Anyway, it totally made my day! It's a great feeling and I am sooooo happy! I LOVE the stitch markers and the tea... yummmmmmm


    I hope my Fairy Godmother reads this and realizes what a difference she made in my day... <3:hug:manyheart

  2. Hey all:) I am making a scarf using LB Jiffy for a nice chunky one!! I would like to make crochet it short side and I am having some trouble determining the length.. Doing it longways is obviously easier but I can't picture how long it should be between my chin and neck... Any suggestions as to how many chains you guys do with a scarf crocheted the short way with chunky yarn?


    Thanks a bunch!!!

  3. You are toooo funny, it ALL started with that!! ahhaha And I just had a "a-ha" moment:idea I was not liking the waves because the skipping sts was making to big of a hole... Duh, change to a small hook!!!!!!!!


    I LOVE that tote and I am going to try with a smaller hook but I also would love to make it in a deep V


    Thank you for making things so obvious, unintentially!!!!!!!!:lol


    I know you were looking for "deep Vs", but have you seen this newly posted pattern for a wavy ripple tote?



  4. Ok.. this is a working process.. So forgive my many posts! I am slowly understanding this.. So, if my calculations are right, I need more sts on the stright row..80 would not be enough to space out the ripples. I would need a multiple of 16 + 6 for the beginning (4th chain from hook & 2DC)

  5. I will check out the tutorial, I tried using the one from pumosemouse but it did not turn out pretty!:lol


    Yea, The 80 is the last straight row and I am doing DC...I don't care how wide they are just as long as they are spaced out nicely.. The trouble is I already started the base without having a formula in mind.. maybe I should start over!!! THANKS for your help!!!:hug


    What stitch will you be working in? SC, DC, TR...? How wide do you want the ripples to be? I'm working on it for you, just need a lil more info.


    Also, I'm assuming you worked in the round for the bottom of the tote, and the 80 stitches you have to work with are the last "straight" round?


    ETA: Geez! I might need help with this myself. lol

    Here's a Tutorial that might help you.

  6. Hey all.. I am starting a tote and would like to do a chevron/ripple.. I have 80 stiches around to start the pattern. I am not sure what I need to do to figure out how I can space a ripple around..


    Can someone write out a row that I can follow along? I am going to be working in the round.


    You guys are awesome!!!:jumpyay

  7. Hey all... I attended this fashion expo in NYC on Friday night. There was this vendor there by the name of Volang, they had crochet items, mainly these hats/headbands. The front looked like a hat but it wrapped around the head with button closure behind.. I was not going to pay $45 for something I can make myself.. Now, I can wing it and try but if anyone has suggestions or advice or a pattern, that would be great!!!:D


    Check out the link and look at the hat named "Maria" There are several pics..

  8. Hey all..:welcome


    I started to crochet the Lion Brand Cowl Neck Sweater.. Its croched side to side so I am sure its an easy pattern. This will be my first attempt at a sweater and I thought it would be cool to start a CAL so we can cheer each other on..:cheer



    I am using Mission Falls 1824 merino in PURPLE (Hey, I got it free)I already have about 15 inches done and I would love to make the sleeves longer.. Hopfully you guys will join to show me how:lol


    Any interest??? http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/70210A.html?noImages=0

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