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  1. Read your post last night and am now obsessed with these slippers. I don't know how I haven't happened across them before. I am going to knit mine, but I ran across this in my looking around last night. Easy Norwegian House Slippers the Crochetted Version by MommyKnows
  2. Adorable! My little girl loves Kit too and I think that hat is spot on!! Great job!
  3. Lovely! This is being added to my gift list for next year. My brother and SIL love Halloween and their b'days are at the end of July, early August. What a nice joint present it will make for them. (That way I can get them each something just for them too)
  4. I have many thank you's to post since our internet has been up and down for a little over a week, stealing away all my internet time. *pout* Thank you to the Elf who sent me two lovely skeins of peaches and cream cotton yarn in a lovely yellow and varigated yellow. I've already got it balled up in my project bag to start using it! The colors just make me smile every time I see it in my bag! Thank you to the Elf who PM'd me a crockpot recipe. It sounds yummy and I can't wait to try it out! Thank you to the Elf who sent me the notecard and stickers! The stickers have found their home in my little box I use when we are homeschooling and will soon be appearing on my kids worksheets. It makes their day each time I add a sticker to their page! Thank you to the Elf who sent me the Notecard and 2 crockpot recipes. I have added one of them to my meal plan for this week (because I had the meat in the freezer), and am really looking forward to trying it out! Thank you to the Elf who sent me a lovely crocheted outfit for my daughter's 18 inch American girl doll. It is beautiful and I will share pictures as soon as I can charge my camera battery. My husband thanks you for the jellybeans that he swiped as soon as I opened the package! lol
  5. A Huge thank you to a Elf from MI for the pages and pages of crock pot recipes! I see so many that are going on the top of my "to-make" list!!!!!! Thank you for the stickers too, I used some of them on my kids worksheets this morning. It really made them smile.
  6. Well I can't really say I like Crocheting more then I like knitting. I like them both for different reasons. Crochet I like because it can be fast (however the Babette I've been working on for over a year proves it can be very slow too....lol). I like that mistakes are easier to fix then with knitting. I like that with crochet I feel comfortable stopping in the middle of a row and laying my project down. (Knitting I find I more projects that I don't have to think or count while working on, so I tend to do it more when I'm stressed. I can knit and actualy watch a tv show or movie, when I crochet I keep checking my project and only end up listening to the tv. Also knitting is easier on my wrists then crochet is.)
  7. Very pretty, I'm sure your cousin will love it.
  8. Very pretty... I will probably add it to my much too long queue. lol I have my head stuck in the sand about Christmas. I have too much baby stuff to focus on right now to think about it.
  9. Great pattern! I've marked it for the day when I am finally finished with enough to start on it. lol
  10. Okay I tried to resist. This was so much fun last year I thought I might as well throw my hat into the ring this year too. Gourmet Crochet Nativity pattern. (I'm wanting to make this as Christmas gifts) Gourmet Crochet Auntie Meg's Household Helpers Pattern Gourmet Crochet Gingerbread House Pattern Your favorite crockpot recipes. I'm trying not to use the stove so much to keep from heating the house up. (Received recipes from 3 elves) A letter or postcard from you. I love getting mail!!! Stickers!! We homeschool and the kids and I scrapbook too, so we go through tons of stickers! (Received stickers from 2 elves) Easy Doily patterns. I am determined to try out thread crochet soon! Something for my son. He's 8 and loves to read and play video games. His fave color is Orange. Something for my daughter. She will be 7 in two weeks. She is getting her first American Girl doll for her b'day and is so excited! She also loves Jonas Brothers (Nick) and Hannah Montana. Her fave color is pink. (Received a lovely crocheted outfit for my daughters doll) Yarn, don't we all want yarn? I love using cotton and can't get peaches and cream here. Otherwise I'm not picky! (Received two skeins of Peaches and Cream in a solid yellow and a varigated yellow)
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