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  1. CarolK

    Cowl Poncho

    Great looking poncho. Makes me want to start the one I promised myself I would make.
  2. CarolK

    Help Please

    Hi Lisa, I crocheted a lot of scarves when I was laid off and from the first one till the last I had to count each row. I thought I was doing ok when I didn't count, but....nope. It's easier to count each row than to rip it out. Have fun! Carol K
  3. Hi Michelle, I'm from PA, too.....Philly. I'm looking forward to meeting people who share a love for crocheting, and hoping to learn some new tricks. Welcome! Carol
  4. Thanks for the nice welcome. It's fun to chat with people who share such a love for crocheting. When I'm sitting there crocheting I get lost in that world. It's so comforting, even when I'm having a difficult time trying to understand a new pattern. Carol
  5. I was surfing for a free child's poncho pattern to make for my friend's granddaughter and came across Crochetville. Had to join. My aunt taught me how to crochet when I was 6, sooooo many years ago. She taught me how to make a chain that went off the porch, down the walk and onto the road. When I finished, she pulled it out and taught me how to wrap the yarn, loosely, of course. Then I started doing the chain stitch again. Since then I've made so many wonderful things. Last year at our club (LAOH Division 39) I taught about 18 women how to crochet, even those who were left-handed. I'm really looking forward to learning some more.
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