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  1. I've now walked about 51 miles for November. Oh!! It is December now!! Guess I have to start over again at zero.
  2. I've walked 36 miles since November 2nd. Surely it will all make a difference soon! When I was weighing myself daily I noticed the weight going down slowly. We moved the scale to a different part of the room, I stopped weighing daily. Got on the scale this morning. YIKES!! I really DID NOT want that weight back!! My goal is to come out on the other side of the holidays weighing less than I went into them at. I don't care if it is just by a pound! that's my goal and I'm sticking to it.
  3. Went on a fourteen mile hike in a drenching all day downpour yesterday. that HAS TO be worth something!! The best part of the hike is when the deer chased my dog!
  4. I just finished hiking an avalanche chute to the 6000' elevation. Snow and high winds didn't allow us to linger long and enjoy the view. Did I say hiking? Rock scrambling! How many calories did THAT burn?? Tia, any time you are out this way, I'll take you up!
  5. Way to go, ladies!! I haven't been hiking with the dogs lately as the medicine has been wreaking havoc with how I feel. I really expected to see a weight gain when I got back on the scale but thank goodness I'm holding steady.
  6. My favorite ways to exercise are hiking, climbing trees and cranking the tunes while I boogie around the house! Climbing trees is my favorite, though. Things I Have Learned While Climbing Trees. You are never too old to do it. People will look at you funny if you tell them you climb trees, especially if you are over 50. Good footwear is a must. You are higher up than you think you are. The route down is never the same as the route up and you usually get down faster. Sometimes a LOT faster!
  7. The scale keeps inching downward. I'm not so sure the weight loss isn't from the tumor shrinking but, hey, I'll take what I can get! Now it is time to ignore the scale and concentrate on making the jiggly fat areas smaller. Time for physical activity.. How do other people make exercising fun?
  8. Wow!! you are just cooking on the cats afghan, Julie! I can't believe that you are more than a third of the way done already!
  9. Okay, I guess the weight loss is starting to be real. My underwear keeps falling down!
  10. Now that sounds like a really fun way to exercise!
  11. Nothing wrong with you at all. Seems like I stuck at one weight forever even with upping my exercise and changing my eating. I noticed the pants were getting looser but the scale didn't drop below that mark. I didn't know what was wrong with me but one day I was down four pounds. Inched down to the next ten pound mark, stuck there forever, upped my exercise some more, stayed the same weight, got frustrated and a few days later I was down three pounds. Now I am stuck halfway in between the ten pound mark, but my rings are very, very loose, pants are even looser yet and the scale IS NOT MOVING!!
  12. My DH has been out of town for four days now and I have discovered that I eat so much less when he isn't here! No snacking, small amounts of food, no dessert..............sounds bad, but I wish he would go away more often!
  13. I now weigh less fully clothed than I did naked a couple of weeks ago!:woo
  14. If housecleaning makes you break a sweat, count it as exercise!!
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