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  1. I'll be cheering you on long distance today!
  2. HELP ME CELEBRATE I got the first row of the border done! On to the easy stuff now.
  3. The first border row is just as bad as I thought it would be. I am making progress, but very slowly as our latest dog likes to lay across my work as soon as I get settled in to start. Evn if it is just five minutes here, ten minutes there, I will get this row done.
  4. I found at Goodwill a wool afghan that someone shrank. Beautiful creamy mitered triangle squares. Because of the shrinkage it is just a touch small. I am in the process of adding a border. It never had one to start with and by adding just aa couple inches it should be perfect. I'm going with one shade darker to start and one shade darker than that to finish. I'll need your support just to get through the first round of border! I'll see if I can't get a good picture of the before and, when I finish, the after.
  5. My main crochet resolution is to be more realistic about what I can actually get done.
  6. I would really like to make another snowflake afghan this year plus an afghan done in charcoal and plum for my niece for Christmas. Two is doable, right? Right??
  7. May I join the party? I have ideas bouncing around in my head and if I am going to get them done I need to start now instead of in November! I really need the support of this group to make it happen. I know I want to make a throw for my niece in charcoal and plum. Still looking for the right pattern. Felted slippers, felted bucket hat, would love to do a top of some kind. YEEKS!!
  8. A couple of years ago I found a really cute pattern for a crib/baby blanket. It was a pond scene with a duck, frog, possibly cattails. It is perfect for my cousin when he and his wife have a family. At the time I did not purchase the pattern because he had just gotten married and I knew it would be easy enough to find when I needed it. NOT!! He and his wife stopped by last night to let us know that they are expecting. I have been scouring all sorts of sites including 64 pages of baby blankets on Ravelry and I cannot find it! I promised my cousin's wife that I would do something nature themed and this blanket would be perfect! The one on ebay with the sailboat is not the one I am looking for. I know that it was not on an obscure site. Can anyone help me find it, please? She is due in mid-July so I need to get working on it soon. Procrastinators R Us! Thank you!
  9. Now I know I've been gone a while! Last time I was here you had just moved out on your own!
  10. Promise you won't drum me out of here if I tell you that we've had the warmest January on record and the Temps this week are in the high fifties? I have all kinds of flowers blooming!
  11. Okay, Tia. I'm curious where in the mountains of WV. I spent a bit of time in Bluefield and toured the surrounding areas.
  12. They are really good dogs. Both were rescues and have adapted well. I still think they should learn how to make the morning coffee, though!
  13. Before I chose this pattern I went to Ravelry and looked it up in the pattern section to see what other people thought of it. There are some great pictures of the finished garment as well as some really good hints and tips. I think 28 people are posted as working on it. Initially I had chosen another pattern but when I looked it up on Ravelry no one had anything good to say about the pattern and the finished garment was atrocious!
  14. Tia, this is the pattern I chose to use with the yarn my sister gave me for Christmas. Looks like I'll be keeping you company also! I'll be doing this in Antique Teal. Hope I have enough yarn. The nearest Hobby Lobby to me is half the country away!
  15. I had a SIL like that so for Christmas one year I put her gift in a Tiffany's box. She never did catch on that it came from the Dollar Store!
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