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  1. HELP!!! I recently found a great pattern for a scarf on a hairfin lace crochet fork, but I'm having lots of troubles with the directions. I've looked at other people's sites, but I just can't seem to make it work. The yarn just seems to get all twisted and it looks horrible. Thanks!! Katie
  2. I'm working on my first granny square afghan and I need help with sizing. The squares are meant to be 6 inches square but mine are around 8in. Will blocking make them smaller? I know it makes blocks bigger, but how would I go about shrinking them? Also, when blocking, how do you know if steam should be used or cold water? I've heard both work, but with different kinds of yarn. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Katie
  3. I recently taught myself how to crochet as a stress relief and I'm working on my first afghan. It's a 1lb. afghan and the pattern is called bubble gum; I completed the first few rows, but I'm stuck with the next set of instructions. The instructions say: Sc in first sc; *ch 4, sk next ch -4 lp, sc in next sc; ... I'm kind of stuck at the -4 lp part because I have no idea what that means! It's also confusing, because it's working into the back side of the chain. Is that possible? I would appreciate all help. Thanks! Katie