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    I have a wonderful husband and the 4 most adorable dogs in the world!
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    Live Oak, FL
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    All things crafty! Crochet, sewing, scrapbooking, soapmaking, the list goes on!!!
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    Right now dishcloths, but I also love all things for babies!
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    First taught as child, just picked it up again a 2 years ago.
  1. Very pretty, I especially love the sage and orchid!
  2. I love the pink and brown combo. Very cute. I've never tried the HL cotton, thanks for the reccomendation!
  3. I've made "Cupcake" from SNB Happy Hooker without the sleeves, itmakes a pretty and full coverage tank.
  4. This is the easiest patter nin the world and turns out really pretty. You could do it with 2 strands, that might be best as I find this to be a pretty small afghan and that would help beef it up a bit!http://stashaholic.com/2005/10/12/stashaholics-brain-dead-afghan.aspx
  5. That is really pretty and reasonable priced. I might give it a try, thanks so much!
  6. I found the answer to my dk weight question right here on the 'ville. Its a size 3. Still hoping somebody can help me with the elastic component part!
  7. Beautiful! I have to ask, what pattern did you use for the onesie? I actually quite like the colors, I think its really cheery and pretty.
  8. I have a pattern I really want to make and it calls for a dk weight yarn with an elastic component. Any suggestions? I would like a fairly inexpensive yarn if possible. The pattern specifies that the elastic is important b/c the shirt needs the "stretch" to fit. Would 90% acrylic/10% nylon work? I'm not sure how stretchy nylon is. Also, Is DK weight comparable to sport weight? Thanks in advance for the help!!
  9. I really liked the dino hoodie and the pirate afghan but thats about it. I usually really enjoy this magazine, I guess its just an off month for me!
  10. I just got this issue in the mail and I was so excited because the casserole carrier on the cover is adorable. However, that went away when I opened it up. Is it just me or is this issue horrible? The Shopper's Dream Shrug and Mango Cloche?
  11. Where can I find the pattern, its adorable! I agree that little crocheted one stars would be perfect!
  12. Thanks for the compliments everybody! The mom-to-be really appreciated all of my hard work, which always makes it worth it!
  13. I threw a baby shower for my step daughter in law. She's having a teddy bear themed room so these are the things I made:http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showpost.php?p=1721339&postcount=216
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