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    Martha Brooks Stein
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    Published afghan designer
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    CROCHETING !!!!!!
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    Retired Teacher
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    Granny Square AFGHANS
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    appox. 21 years seriously
  1. I think I have gotten in over my head !!!!! I am 60 years old and VERY limited in computer usage and y'all have me LOST !!!! I wanted to register so I could talk to someone about the 35 granny sqs which was my leaflet ! I just wanted to know how your afghans turned out...just wanted to talk to some of you......REALLY don't understand threads and post and all the other lingo......I'm just a simple old gal from the South, transported to the mts. Please let me know how you liked working on the 35......that was my FIRST purchased and published design !!! Eager to hear from y'all.......Martha
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