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  1. Hi sarahjoturtle, I have yet to make any soakers (it's next on the list), but I have been reading about them on a wool soaker discussion group, and have seen someone say small holes aren't a problem as far as effectiveness. Just wanted to pass that along. If you don't want to do dc's, you might try short rows. There are several free soaker patterns available and even more for sale. Do a search for them and it might help with you figure out what to do.
  2. I spent 4 years there, at OBU. It's always a shock to go back and see the changes. Missed out on homecoming this year though.
  3. Where did you find the picture? I'd try tracking down the pattern they used first.
  4. Hi! I'm making a size 2 sweater from the free Bernat pattern "Chunky - Child's Easy Pullover." Got the back section finished and am working the last bit of the front. On the second shoulder, it says to reverse the shaping from the first side, which is fine and dandy until I get to the last couple of rows... To get the reverse shaping, I would need to knit the first 5 stitches and then cast off the last 5 stitches, leaving me with 5. Problem is, it's not possible to "cast off" the last stitch on the needle - so there would be a big pucker in the shoulder. What exactly should I be doing here?
  5. Looks a little like a hot pepper!
  6. :welcome Hello from Arkansas! It's great to see more of us coming on board!
  7. I dunno! It's not talking about working into the begining chain, by any chance?
  8. I haven't ventured far away from good ol plain worsted, but I do have some Bernat Galaxy that has thwarted all my attempts to crochet it. So fuzzy I never could get past the beginning chain! Maybe it will be knit into something someday.
  9. I experimented with crochet toe socks last year - even asked here for patterns. My dd wanted some and we could only find adult sizes. I did find out about that book, but never found anyplace where I could actually buy it, so I tried to make my own. What I tried to do was make each little toe separately in the round, then stitch them together, but I never did find a yarn thin enough to be comfortable in shoes when crocheted (including sock yarn). Hm, maybe thread would work, but it's just too teeny for me to work with comfortably. Edited to add: Oh, sure, NOW the book is on amazon.com for the taking! Guess I'll just have to order it.
  10. I've read about the "sc chain" before, but I'm still not sure WHY it would be used. Can anyone enlighten me?
  11. So gorgeous!! (Did anybody use that word already?) My first thought after that was "Ack!! They'll get thrown away!" But... Now, that's something I hadn't thought of, though I can't imagine why not. How very clever of you! You don't have to worry about them getting thrown away at your own house. Dang. This means I now have to make my own, even though I get easily frustrated with thread.
  12. I suppose you could say I was inspired by my great-aunt (my grandmother's sister), who gave me a crocheted "bookworm" when I was a child. I was fascinated watching her work. I only ever saw her a few times before she died, so that is pretty much all I remember about her. Skip forward 20 years, and I had the urge to learn to knit and crochet. I started with knitting thinking it must be easier ("only 2 stitches" as opposed to the millions of stitches the crocheters I knew seemed to use). A few years later I got up the nerve to try crochet and discovered it was easy! One of the first things I did was make a bunch of bookworms for all my little cousins in memory of my Aunt Nellie.
  13. Hi Cuddlefish, I saw your big ol' cache of FO's in the other thread but didn't reply to it. Way to go!! I especially like your striped stuff. P.S. I looked at this thread mostly because I wondered what "honeless" was supposed to mean. I guess typos pay!!
  14. LOLs!! - I did the same thing earlier this year. Got all the way done and was packing it up to send to my friend, but just couldn't get it to fold right! Then I laid it out side-by-side with the first one I had made (same colors, reverse order) and stared at it until the difference finally dawned on me! The mistake - whatever it was - started at the center and it looked fine otherwise, so I just let the RR go to its new home. I figure this way it's even more "unique" than I meant it t be!
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