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    I'm really just kind of a simple girl. I work, a lot, and love to be around good friends.
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    Salt Lake City, UT
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    Crocheting, yarn, guitar, music
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    I love to do hats and scarves! Well, and anything else that strikes my fancy.
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    I've been crocheting since about 1997
  1. Hi!! I've been a member for a while, but haven't posted in years, so I figured I would reintroduce myself. I'm Ashleigh, 24, and soon to be mom to 2! I have a lovely 2 year old, and am currently 39 weeks pregnant with my second daughter. I've been crocheting for as long as I can remember, and just last year turned my hobby into a business venture. I sell a few of the things I've made here and there. My best customer is my mother in law, ironically enough. I'm glad to be back amongst fellow hookers!
  2. Okay, everyone can beat me if they wish. I have completed no more rows on my afghan. Also, finally found the pattern for the afghan, and I'm a lot closer to the end of it than I thought I was. I'm about 25 rows away from finishing it. I have to add tassels and trim after that, which means a trip to the yarn store!
  3. Okay, Krystal, need to change my required rows for the afghan. I finally found the pattern. It calls for 80 rows. It appears to be a lapghan. I'm still at 61. Need to make a stop by the yarn store to get some yarn to finish and for trim and tassels. And, pictures!!! I got a new digital camera, and am having so much fun with it!!!! Click if you want to see them in their full sized glory. Yes, my bedroom is a mess. Don't take a habit of putting my dirty clothes in my laundry hamper!
  4. Think I managed to fix it. Tightened up my tension on the next couple rows, and it brought it right back in together. I'm now up to 61 rows. Have a late day tomorrow, hope to get even more done.
  5. Okay, Krystal, back me up a bit. I'm still stuck at 60 rows. I'm 9 rows behind. I hope to catch up a little tonight. Only work until 9 tonight, and hoping to be home in time to watch a movie and crochet with my mom. Might be able to catch up. And, again, does anyone know WHY my blanket is flaring out? It's bugging me SO BAD! My mom says she can't see it, and that if it is, it's minimal enough that I'm just being too picky about it, but I have to FIX IT!
  6. *sigh* Well, I managed to finish two more rows. I've been really laid up today. I managed to get out and get some errands run, and then the nerve pain in my hands started to flare up. So, I am now up to row 59, and halted there for who knows how long. Also, for some reason, I think the afghan I'm working on has started to flare out as I go. Anyone know a reason for that? I counted stitches, and I haven't added any. Could my tension be too lax?
  7. Oh dear, working late is NOT conducive to completing rows on my afghan. Still halted at 57. Hoping to double up tonight when I get home, as I work an early shift today. Should be to 65 at least by the end of the night.
  8. Hey, perfect! That'll even give me time to mail it to my grandmother!
  9. I'd like to get it to about 150 rows, maybe 200. It's a ripple afghan off of a pattern I can't find. I would like to have this finished by the end of next month to gift to my grandmother as a fulfillment of a gift to my late grandfather I was never able to give him. I'm prone to pneumonia, it's nothing new for me. It sucks that it had to happen when it did(right in the middle of a walk through at work, and they need all employees running on full fuel), but at least I finally have some time to work on my UFOs. I've got a couple of scarves I'd like to finish.
  10. Sherri, that's awesome! How did you do that? Is it multiple squares, or a lot of color changing? That's gorgeous!!!! UPDATE: Just added the rows again, I'm up to 57 already. I guess there is an advantage to be laid up with pneumonia! I'm crocheting like a mad woman!
  11. Okay, I am, as I type this, counting the rows in my ripple afghan.... Counting.... Counting.... Counting..... okay, I've got about 51 rows! Completed four in the past two days!
  12. I could probably stand to join this CAL. I haven't been crocheting hardly at all, and I've got a ripple afghan I'm dying to finish. As it is, I am about 20% done with it, not sure how many rows into it I am though. All I know is I have six balls of yarn sitting by waiting to be included, and they've been neglected.
  13. Salt Lake City, UT here. Would love to get a group together for weekday afternoons for everyone to sit around and talk and have fun.
  14. past, the yarn is actually really comfortably soft. I try to avoid the deeper colors of RHSS, as they seem to be more stiff and itchy. Thanks everyone that's offered patterns so far. I'm starting to look around, instead of being lazy and expecting the patterns to come to me. I really like the Waves of Color Tote Bag pattern, and may end up using that
  15. I indulged today and bought two balls of Red Heart SS Pink Camo yarn, and need a pattern of some kind for it. I can't even think of what to make with it, but I want to make something that I can show off. It's approximately 10 ounces, 4 ply, WW. Was thinking of possibly making a tote bag....
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