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  1. OMG...this shop is in walking distance to my home.. a nice walk, but close. I will definitely be stopping by on Saturday's..
  2. OMG! That looks like my bag I designed. The pattern is different, but close. And to think that it's selling for $1295..Bendel's said it needed more structure...more like it needed a famous designer name......I'm not giving up. I have other designs!
  3. I made this hat and scarf set out of Lion Brand Chenille Yarn. I bought it at Tuesday Morning...awhile ago fir $5. It was 135 yds, which would normally cost me about $40 for about 6 skeins. Anyhoo, my aunt has cancer and wanted a nice hat to wear once she started losing her hair to chemo.. She even started by donating her hair to Locks of Love... She had armpit length hair. Anyhoo here is the picture of the set...
  4. Today at work someone showed me a clipping of the bag Angelina Jolie was carrying. When I saw it I bragged how one of my fellow C'Villagers made her own version! It appears that the pattern used is inspired by a bobbles or pineapple baby blanket. Great Job! http://www.shoprumor.com/product.php?productid=1066&cat=0&page=1
  5. You did a tremendous job on it! Is that your original design? If so, you should market that bag. The lining is fabulous and I love how you matched the colors.:cheer:hook
  6. I just love your bag. You did a great job! I am obsessed with making purses. I have 3 original designs already. Keep up the great work:cheer:hook
  7. Thanks! I have thought of selling the pattern, but not sure how to go about it. I need to read up on it ASAP! I have three designs that I can submit.
  8. Thanks! I re-inforced the bottoms with plantic canvas. I think I will add leather the next time. I will get them next time!
  9. This is my 3rd original bag design. Most of them are inspired by stitches I learned while making various baby blankets. I ws encourage to take them to a designers Open Call at Bendels in NYC. The buyer liked them, but conveyed that they have problems selling bags that have little or no structure. I had 90 seconds to show my stuff. I saw some of our fellow crocheters in line as well. One Happy Hooker got her chance to take the fashion world by storm. Congratulations..whoever you are! She was wearing a gorgeous shrug! I am taking another chance next year...:hook To see other pictures of the bags and my trip[ to NYC..click on my blog link!
  10. I love it ! I am from the Myrtle Beach area and I can visit ACMoore when I visit. I love that place..I have to stay away or I would be in debt and divorced:yes ...their prices are comparable with Walmart and great selection of everything. I am going this Friday!
  11. I made this bunting for my little nephew due to arrive 10/27. I can't wait to see him in this. I hope it gets cold enough..lol... It is made with Lion Brand's Homespun yarn. It is bulky so I had to modify the free pattern I used. I have to find it, I believe it is from Coats and Clark or Bernat's, but it is free. Here are a few pictures so you can see some detail as well as the overall. You can also click on my link to my blogger page to see the slide show of the bunting and some pics of his mommy opening it at her baby shower on 9/16. Everyone loved it!
  12. AWWW Such an adorable model! That outfit is darling on her! Great Job! Beautiful!
  13. I got the handles at Joann's..thanks for the compliment!
  14. It is Autumn Red..by Caron..Thanks for the compliments! I truly enjoyed making the pantsuit...and friend adores the entire outfit!
  15. Thanks! I created these off the top of my head (several times..lol) I am planning on designing some ...I am going to have to work on the patterns. Thanks for the compliment....I plan on selling them in the near future!
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