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  1. Wow! Lots of great tips. Here are mine: 1. The invisible fasten off: http://www.crochetcabana.com/tutorials/invisible-finish.htm Invaluable. And invisible. 2. If you have somehow miscalculated and made a blanket too small, add a border. It looks more interesting, and makes it bigger. 3. Don't be afraid to frog it. I have spent so many hours struggling through a project that I didn't like at all, hated the yarn, and just wasn't having a good time. With the exception of gifts for others, you don't HAVE to make anything. It's supposed to be fun. So if you don't like it, cut the yarn and make it a coaster. And make something you like.
  2. Pattern! Pattern! And hey there's nothing wrong with pastels, kids love 'em!
  3. Yeah people are automatically instantly curious when you crochet/knit in public. They seem to swarm around you, like you just moved in from some Amish community or something. tiga, lol at meeting women in the yarn aisle! I mean think about it, if you meet women in the yarn aisle, at least you know they're not drunk (hopefully), and guaranteed they're smart and creative!
  4. That book is beautiful! Darn I wish I had the money right now ...
  5. Problem? I don't have any problem!!? I can stop any time I want! (Stalks away) Just kidding. Welcome from NY!
  6. I haven't used the Caron Felt-It, but any worsted weight non-superwash wool should work. I honestly have no idea why the pattern would use alpaca for a hook holder anyhow, in my opinion, it's too expensive! But that's just me. Yes, any feltable wool (or alpaca if you want) in worsted weight should work.
  7. lol, yeah maybe he was trying to give you a hint! Congrats!
  8. Very nice! Oh I hear you about taking forever, I am making one now. I remember that episode with Spongebob and his grandma, how cute that he says you're better! Very sweet!
  9. I have seen this a couple of times on Ebay where the seller didn't name the book. I have no idea why, it's just a pattern book. Good move buying off of Amazon, though!
  10. Also a hint too, I know this sounds bad but I go to http://www.knitpicks.com, you can see the inside of the books there too, and then I order it from amazon! Many times I have checked out the books inside and found I didn't like the projects in them, so I saved money!
  11. Darski, what a great idea! They will have to do good crochet deeds to get off the list.
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