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  1. That would be great actually. I may just purchase that one, but I've seen that stitch before, I just can't officially name it. Does that make sense?
  2. I'm desperately looking for a stitch pattern of a scarf that I saw in Gatlinburg this weekend. I fell in love with the scarf but wasn't about to spend $100 on it! I've been searching everywhere for this stitch. I "believe" it's a dogwood stitch. It creates a 4 leaf clover pattern and is lattice in between. Not sure if we can insert links..but this is basically what it is: http://www.etsy.com/listing/58235860/crochet-pattern-beautiful-blossom anyone have this or something similar? I'd totally appreciate it!!!!
  3. Love that pattern! Great job! I'd squirrel it away personally
  4. That is a beautiful set! I did the girl version of that pattern a couple years ago. Great job!
  5. I am actually getting a yarn winder.. finally!! My husband promised to get me one for Christmas I was saddened to see that Joanne's sold out of their yarn winder and states discontinued?.. http://www.joann.com/catalog.jhtml?CATID=53007&PRODID=80806 My husband and I found one on Ebay at a decent price (not as good as Joanne's would have been with their coupon) Does anyone know why this was discontinued? Were/ are their problems with the model? I got the yarn winder by Royal.
  6. Krystal,. I agree with Kate in doing your own. I had a beautiful wedding on a shoestring. I ordered all my flowers from freshroses.com - super website, they give you lots of tips and hints on purchasing etc. (and talk about gorgeous! My mom, mother in law and sisters all sat in the basement of the church and put together all the bouquets and corsages. They had a ball!! My mother paid an old family friend $50 to do my cake.. (turned out horrible) but that's another story. My mother and I sewed the bridesmaid dresses, and I bought my gown off Ebay! I think with careful planning you can cut corners and still have an elegant event. I like the idea of thread flowers, especially the corsages and such so the special guests have something to take home with them and keep
  7. Hello and welcome! Another Tennessean here
  8. AAhh.. I have been reading some of the other posts about stress..and I am right there with ya!! Geez I am to the point that I don't know where to begin with my crochet projects for Christmas. I have 2 toddlers and another toddler that I watch during the week.. I don't have time to crochet with two little boys and a little girl that just started walking.. I told my husband maybe I should just stop sleeping at night, so I could have some TIME!! And yes.. I would like a big hunk of cheese with my WINE!!
  9. Very nice hat! I love the flower! I have to mention .. did you get the name Kalispell from a city in Montana by chance?
  10. Love the purse..and doncha just like getting super deals at goodwill!
  11. I've always been curious of that myself! My kids aren't really high maintenance (I have one who is 3yrs and one who is 15 mo) they do bicker a lot though. I can't seem to keep count on my crochet pieces and my kids for some reason don't like it when I sit sometimes. They are happier when I'm up and about..isnt that funny (a bit annoying) I do my crocheting at naptimes and in the evenings after they both go to bed.. aaah nice relaxation time!
  12. omigosh.. I should have bought a handful of the calendars when I got mine at Sam's on Sunday as I didn't know how hard they were to find for everyone. I paid about $8 for mine and they had quite a few of them. Decent calendar, however I agree with some PP about free patterns being in there from online. I'm really glad I bought one though as there are some great submissions in there..kudos to the designers that frequent here!
  13. WELCOME!!! I am a MT native and spent a lot of time in Bozeman skiing But.. alas.. I am a Griz fan..hee hee.. Nice to see a Montanan!!
  14. Poo .. I didnt get mine yet I'm looking forward to seeing your design!
  15. I have to add to this thread ..as I was one of those people that fed into the "frenzy" a few years ago. I was on a bidding war for a big roll of tulle. I wasn't even thinking when I kept increasing my bid. My husband was sitting on his computer next to me.. when the auction closed.. I hit his shoulder and declaired.. "I WON!!" WHOOO ..YAY!! .. OK.. here is what I won.. a 150 yd - 4 inches wide roll of tulle (the stuff you drape everywhere at weddings) FOR $35!!! I saw it at the store later for $3.95.. My husband will never let me live that one down. Yah..I sure won..
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