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  1. I don't spin but would be interested in purchasing some unusual natural fibers, since some in my family are very allergic. I used to use angora wool and wool, cannot do that anymroe. I've thought about alpaca yarn but I am not sure. Has anyone heard about allergic reactions to it? I've heard about people who spin dog and cat fleece. My sister is allergic to our cat, Lilly but not to our dogs Daisy and Cody, so, where do you get dog fleece that is spun into yarn? Would it fall apart when crocheting it? Thank you very much! Cloty
  2. Will an alpaca/cotton or a Cotton/wool blend yarn felt at all? I've never felted anything so I don't know. Thank you!
  3. I had a bad experience with subscriptions in the past but have heard nice things about Crochet! I get offers to subscribe all the time, and the offer of a free issue to get to know the publication, but I feel guilty about getting a free issue and then not liking the publication and not paying the subscription. I respect crafters too much not to pay for their hard work. Is Crochet really worth it? Thanks! Cloty
  4. Congratulations! That will encourage your creative juices to flow. Cloty
  5. Very creative Cupcake! Have you ever thought about making shadow box type still life for, say dning rooms with your beautiful fruit? (I went to art school and painting still life was one of my favorite subjects, guess that's why I'm thinking these fruit would be marvellos decorating access for a dining room wall), they could be treated like aframed sculpture! Cloty
  6. You could make beautiful painted doilies. If you have several shades of one single color, like for example, 3 or 4 shades of purple, or 3 or 4 shades of pink. You could make the center of your doilies in the darkest shade, and then go paler by degrees until you make the edge of the palest hint of the color. It would be lovely. Just an idea. Cloty
  7. I've worked in raffia. You can make really pretty purses and summer hats with it. I've heard of people who spin the hair from their longhaired cats and dogs, also goatshair. . .which can also be felted. But don't hold me on that. We have Australian Shepherds which have truly beautiful spotted brown coats but I wouldn't know the first thing about spinning their sheddings! But I thought it was certainly an interesting notion.
  8. Just a couple of hints from personal experience: 1. You can buy a strip cutter from mail order companies by going to their section rag rugs. 2. Get a large hook that is comfortable for you to use so that you will not have to make too much effor to crochet with the fabric. 3. Don't crochet too tightly or the whole fabric will be stiff and hard for you to keep working it. At least that is what I have learned on my own. Take care! Cloty
  9. Actually, my mom. (Hurray for all smart moms who know how to get their kids out of their way by teaching them nifty stuff!) I was 6 years old and had the mumps and was driving her crazy and not staying in bed long enough, so, neck swollen and all, she bought me oodles of wonderfully colorful yarn, a hook and taught me. . .and that was it for me! Any moms with hyper and inquisitive kids, take a HINT, it really works! Take care! Cloty
  10. Very pretty bolero. I have always had trouble with pineapples. Can't quite do them right so I admire the pineapple lacework. Cloty
  11. Hi! Has anyone here ever crocheted something like this? http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=97&d_id=3〈=en Is it very hard to do? Any tips? Thanks!
  12. If you are crocheting for a child that lives in your home (not for a friend's little girl who you would like to surprise with a gift) just grab her and make a paper pattern, take measurements and play with the hook! If that is too confusing, maybe you can adapt a cardigan pattern (leave out the buttonband and the buttonhole band and make it really short), try it on her while you work and see how it fits. Just two ideas of how I would do it if I didn't have a pattern. I've grabbed clothing from the closet many times and measuring tape and have come up with pretty nice crocheted tops. Hope this helps. Take care!
  13. Thank you very much, Empress Busy Bee. I have not seen a crocheted one either. Strange that no designer has attempted one, but I have seen some beautiful ones in knit the catalogs I get. I buy yarns sometimes at Pattenworks and their catalogs have some pretty tops with ripple combinations and I'm going to try to figure out one. Thanks for your tips.
  14. Hi! I would like to make a summer to ending in a zig-zag peplum. I need the peplum to be 49 cm wide and about 4 inches long both fron and back, it will be really the only "fancy" thing about the top. Trouble is that my crocheting in zig-zag gets pretty tight and I lose my gauge very easy. Can anyone give me some tips to avoid this or direct me to an already existing pattern for a zig-zag top (I would only use the bottom and make the top in shells or some other stitch). Thank you!
  15. It might sound silly, but could any of you tell me if you think if a round ripple could be turned into a skirt? I can "reason" it in my mind how I would do it, making the center with a hole big enough for the waist and then just trying to follow the ripple pattern, but, would it work (for a child's jumper with just a little wee bit of yoke on top)?
  16. Hi Everyone! I just ran into this site, never saw it before. It claims to have a large library of free patterns but to join you need to fill out a survey (several pages). Before I go that far I want to know if anyone here knows this place and if it's worth joining. It's called freecrochetlibrary.org This the URL: http://www.freecrochetlibrary.org/ Any info will be greatly appreciated, since I crochet for charity and am always looking for patterns. Thanks!
  17. Thanks! I'll take a look. Our happiness comes not from what we have, but from who we are.
  18. Hi Everyone! I am just wondering. . .has anyone seen a CROCHET version of the Surprise sweater of jacket for women? I mean a female adult version of Elizabeth Zimmermann's surprise sweater. I've seen it for babies and kntting, but would like to know if a clever crocheter has come up with a version for crochet. Thanks!
  19. goodtaste

    UpSide Downer?

    Hi! Can anyone guide me to a page on the Net with instructions for crocheting a sweater or pullover from the neck down? Thanks!
  20. I'm new around here and looking forward to learning some new things (crochet is changing soooo much!) I'm interested in learning Aran crochet and the new creative uses of post stitch patterns, so any hints from anyone who knows more than I do will be greatly appreciated. Take care!
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