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  1. Busy day today. I even managed to twist my ankle, but it's better tonight. I'll take a cane along tomorrow. I will probably be checking in rather sporadically while in Iowa, but will be thinking of all of you. Talked to DD and GS tonight and both are super excited about my arrival tomorrow and about the move up there. DD has helped line up some friends to help with the apartment hunting. Lots of good things planned for the time up there as well. Hugs to all of you.
  2. Congratulations, Judy! I'm so glad that everything went so well and the news was so good. More errands to run today and need to get packed for the trip tomorrow. And the time is beginning to fly by. But next priority is the trip and finding a new place to live. Then packing in earnest. Hope everyone has a great day. Love you all.
  3. Marlene, Love and Prayers headed to you and your family. Yikes! I'm flying to Iowa on Thursday! Did laundry today so I'll have something to wear while there. Have to go to the post office and do some cleaning tomorrow and, Oh, yeah, pack the suitcase, and touch base with the gals who are going to be looking after Sweet Pea while I'm gone. Yikes! Things are getting really, really hectic. The prayer shawl group gals got together tonight for supper and a yack fest. They got me a beautiful bag covered in butterflies as a bon voyage gift. I'm so going to miss them. But there are still phones and email.
  4. Hi, Holly! I have been doing more experimenting with the colored pencils today. The results are so vivid and much more real than what I ever achieved before that I get super excited working with them. And I do have an assignment to complete before class at 4:00 pm this afternoon. Sigh! It's been a pretty quiet day here. Not as hot as a good bit of last week though, which was nice. Hope everyone has a good Monday!
  5. I live very close to the center of Cumming, which is about 25-30 miles north and a bit east of Atlanta. I have been experimenting with the new professional quality drawing pencils that I got. WOW!!! The difference between them and the ones I've used before is like night and day. What a difference good pencils make. I'm bowled over by some the effects that I can get with these. It's pretty mind blowing. And the new techniques I'm learning are pretty awesome, too.
  6. Thanks, Mary. And I'd love to meet you in person some day. Same to the rest of you. Although we live far apart, that doesn't stop us from being good friends. I've turned in my notice here at the apartment. And the packing is coming along in spits and jerks. I'll get there. But I'm glad that I started as early as I did. Fairly quiet weekend planned for the moment.
  7. Good morning! Wow! Did the weather ever kick up a fuss last night! Thunder, lightening, hard rain, and fairly high winds all came through in the evening and night. I got to prayer shawl meeting before it started and we stayed there until it let up a bit and then came home in one of the lulls. No damage or anything. Atlanta lost a bunch of trees, but nothing much here in Cumming, although a few folks lost power for a while. Lots of dead twigs and such came down in the parking lot, but nothing of any size. Hope you all have a good day.
  8. Hi, everyone. I can't believe it's been almost a week since I was on here. The time is flying by and I'm experiencing a lot of losses so my mood is all over the place. With each box I pack this is feeling less and less like my home, which is hard. And saying good-bys is getting harder and harder, too. I gave one of the ladies at prayer shawl group one of the shawls I made. Her husband almost died about six weeks ago and it's really slow going with his recovery. They are pretty sure he has kidney cancer, too. They need to do a biopsy to be sure. He doesn't know yet which is also hard on G'ma. I am making one for my drawing instructor. I've learned so much in such a short time and wish I had more time with her so I could learn more. Judy ~ That's a lovely baby afghan. Sherry ~ Buster Brown is adorable! And the picture of him with your GS is so sweet. I so hope that your life will calm down with the coming of the new minister. You've done well to keep it together so well with all the chaos you've been through at work. Mary ~ Sorry this has become such an ordeal with your brother. You and Sue have to be exhausted. I read all the back posts, but didn't take notes so I know that I'm missing out on things. I'll try to do better about checking in better. And I'm really glad that I won't be losing all of you with the move. Hope everyone has a great day and a great upcoming weekend.
  9. Sorry to MIA. I missed class on Monday, but made it up on Wednesday. Another picture hit the no-go pile. I've still got a 50% batting average which is much better than most. I think the reality of the move is really getting to me. I'm sad about all those that I'll be leaving behind. But it will be worth it. DD is already talking about some of the things we can do together when I get up there, and that's exciting. Mary, I'll be going up for a visit on the 12th of June. I'll spend about 10 days there and hope to find an apartment at that time. DD is starting in a new job on June 2nd based there in Cedar Rapids, so she won't have the commuting to Des Moines once a week any more which will be nice. The results of Sweet Pea's biopsy came back and the growth was benign. Thank goodness. The stitches come out on Saturday and then she should be just fine.
  10. Good afternoon. I more than slept the clock around last night. I guess I've been more tired and worried than I realized. I feel exhausted and not too good today. Skipped drawing class, but will make it up later this week. Sweet Pea is doing much better although she isn't trying to jump up on the bed or down from it. Which is all for the good. Buster Brown sounds adorable. I'm sure Missy will come around and probably sooner rather than later. I'm remembering those who are serving, those who have served, and those who died serving our country today. They are such a big part of what makes our country unique and strong. Thank you. Judy, you are so right about kids needing one on one time with a special adult. That's one of the big reasons behind my moving up North again. I want to have that with DGS while he's still young.
  11. Good morning! Joan and I went to Trader Joe's and an oriental supermarket yesterday. I hadn't been to either and it was fun visiting with her during the trip. Another person I'm going to really miss after the move. I'm not planning a lot for today, but do want to make another stab at packing boxes. At the moment it feels like an endless job, but I can see a lot of progress, too. Sweet Pea continues to get better everyday. She tried scratching at the incision area this morning and immediately stopped, so it's obviously still very tender. And she's not jumping up on the bed or down from it either. Joanne, sounds like a nice day on your agenda. Good luck with the shawl. Our weather is beautiful. Hope you all have a great Sunday.
  12. Good morning, everyone. Had a nice time at Joan's last night. I did what no one has done. I beat Joan at Rummicube and rather thoroughly at that. She was shocked. And the snacks were French bread with a spread that included cheeses, green and black olives, spring onions, mayonaise, butter, and something else. Then it was baked until gooey. Yummy! A quiet day planned. Hope you all have a good Memorial Day weekend.
  13. Hi, Judy. Yes, Sweet Pea still has her T-shirt on. That's supposed to stay on until the stitches come out a week from tomorrow. I'm shot! Taylor was here for almost 3 hours and we got a lot done. Including getting one display case emptied and a good bit of two more. Also, got the loom partially dismantled and all packed away in its carry case. And the bed moved. I'll be going up to Joan's apartment this evening and we'll play some Rummicube. She said not to eat a big supper so I'm guessing there will a fair number of snacks available.
  14. Good morning, my friends. I have a relatively quiet weekend planned. Taylor is coming over this afternoon and we are going to rearrange the bedroom so I have more room to stack boxes and then we will start in on packing some of the more fragile things. Which reminds me that I need to go to the liquor store and pick up some of their boxes. They are really nice and sturdy for packing my statues and such. And with the long weekend they will be sure to have a bunch. Sweet Pea is much better today. She is back to barking at sounds outside and is moving around much better and more frisky. Yay! She was trying to get at the incision this morning and yipping every time she stretched too far. I told her that if it hurt to quit doing that. Don't know that she understood, but she did quit. It's to be HOT all weekend so I'll be mostly inside. Cindy ~ Have a wonderful time at the reunion. Mary ~ How wonderful that you get to stay home for most of the day. Enjoy! I'm so glad that Robbie's eyes are okay. Hope you all have a great long weekend.
  15. Good morning! Sweet Pea slept most of the rest of the day, but is doing better today. Still pretty quiet, but she's moving better. I'm being driver for several friends today. It's supposed to get up to 90* or more for the next several days. The parking area was finished last night and it is a definite improvement over the busted up places from before. Hope you all have a good day.
  16. I hadn't thought of that, but suppose it might have an effect, Judy. Just picked up Sweet Pea. Boy, was she happy to see me, and headed for the door immediately. She has 9 stitches in her shoulder. They said she did very, very well with it. She'll be on an anti-inflammatory/anti-pain med for a week and has to wear a T-shirt until the stitches come out, so that she doesn't take them out early herself and cause herself problems. She's definitely walking with a hitch in her get-along and yips whenever she comes down too hard on that foot.. Much happier to be home. They are so good with her. Another group of people I'll miss when I move. Sigh.
  17. Good morning. Dropped off Sweet Pea and then had breakfast out. Then to the WalMart to pick up antihistamines (not a good thing to run out of during allergy season) and art supplies (to go with the watercolor paints.) Picked up a variety of sponges, little kid tooth brush, some little spritzer bottles, a small sea salt grinder, etc. which give some really cool effects with the paints. And some duck tape and a zipper to make a bag to carry it all around in. I am trying to be somewhat organized with this stuff. Emphasis on trying. I can't say that I really know what I'm doing with the watercolors yet, but I'm definitely having fun. Adding in the paints now will be interesting to say the least. They are tearing up the parking lot today and redoing a bunch of it. I have to move my car to somewhere else in about 45 minutes. A pain, but hopefully an improvement when they are done. Mary ~ I really hope that all goes well with your brother's move. Is he making much sense yet? I think the worst thing the kids had happen to them was when DS managed to break DD's arm. But the time they released the emergency brake on the car and it rolled over DS on its way backwards toward the busy street we lived on, with DD hanging out the side door with one leg dragging on the ground is right up there on the freak-out meter. Miraculously, neither one was seriously injured and the traffic evaporated as the car rolled across the street and up onto the opposite sidewalk. Sprained ankles were common place, but only the one broken bone. DD has never let DS live it down that he broke her arm. Judy ~ I hope all goes well with the biopsy. Sounds like a really good idea to have it done as outpatient surgery. Holly ~ You still sound way more organized than me.
  18. Quiet day here, too. Sweet Pea goes in to the vet tomorrow to have the cyst removed from her shoulder and to have her teeth cleaned. One more thing out of the way before the move. I can't imagine you leaving things a mess, Holly. You always seem to have things under control. When does the new job officially start? Hope you all have a good day tomorrow.
  19. Thanks for all the compliments, my friends. Art class was a lot of fun. And the instructor finally convinced me to buy some watercolor paints with the demonstration. She's been telling me that for a while, but I've been resisting. Some of the tricks from yesterday only work with the paints and the effects were pretty awesome. The kit I bought wasn't that expensive and will let me play with effects for a relatively small outlay of cash. Who'd have thought that I'd get hooked on working with water colors? Not me. But I am loving the results. The paints will give me even more control over the results. Color me happy. Sherry, you sound so much more relaxed than you have in quite a while. It's definitely not all bad to held back in Kindergarten. Sometimes it's all for the best. And maybe DD will change her mind on the schools when it gets closer to the time to actually start. My kids went to all day Kindergarten and loved it. They had been going half days to preschool and the full day routine with a nap in the afternoon fit both of them very well. Hope you all have a good Tuesday. I've already been to vote in our primary, so the day is off to a great start here.
  20. Good morning! We went from rain yesterday to dense fog this morning. Visibility is very poor. Enjoyed my quiet day yesterday. Joanne, have fun at craft club. Everyone's walks along the shore sound so nice. Drawing class is this afternoon. She's going to be bringing in some different materials to experiment with. Sounds like a fun and messy class. Have a wonderful Monday. Cindy, hope the bug you were exposed to isn't too nasty and that the antibiotics work well.
  21. Hi, again. It's been raining all day here. Not real heavy, but very steadily. I just finished my third picture in watercolor pencils, pen, and ink. I am soo proud of it. I am learning new tricks with each one. Even the two I ditched.
  22. Good morning. Discovered yesterday that I had goofed up on Friday. I was supposed to deliver the Prayer Squares that the Prayer Shawl group had made for the graduates and forgot when Taylor cancelled out on me. Saw them yesterday and about had a heart attack. I was at the church 30 minutes before their first service and got them delivered, so it all turned out okay. Whew! Holly, I'm sure you'll work things out. It's good to here that Wayne is continuing to improve. Wishing you all well. Marlene, you must be soooo proud of Payton. What wonderful news! For anyone who hasn't read any of Toni McGee Causey's books, here is the chapter one lead in lines from Bobbie Faye's Very (very,very,very) Bad Day : "You know how some people are born to Greatness? Well, Bobbie Faye Sumrall woke up one morning, kicked Greatness in the teeth, kneed it in the balls, took it hostage, and it's been begging for mercy ever since. -a former Louisiana mayor after Bobbie Faye accidentally ran her car into his office, knocking pages of fraud evidence into the street, which helped land him in Federal prison" These books are guaranteed to give you plenty of laughs. And, somehow, in spite of how crazy they get, they leave you believing that all the craziness could actually happen. Hopefully, just not all at the same time and to the same person. Have a wonderful day.
  23. Mary, you sound more rested just being able to be home for the day. Hooray! I did a couple more boxes today and went to the local beauty college for a haircut this afternoon. i am stiff and sore from yesterday, so only did a couple of boxes today. I have most of my fabric stash now packed up. Well, the stash that isn't yet assigned a project, that is. Still have about one more box of that then several boxes of projects that are at least planned and in some instances started. I've been working on the next drawing a little today, too. Mostly, though, I've had a quiet day with Sweet Pea. I also got my tickets for the trip up to Cedar Rapids next month today. And DD has landed a new job! She will be based in Cedar Rapids starting next month. No more commuting to Des Moines once a week. Yay! And three of the books that I ordered this week arrived today in the mail. More fun reading!
  24. Happy almost weekend, everyone. It's getting busy here. Reading, drawing, crocheting, and packing. I did at least 7 boxes up this afternoon. Mostly they were of my quilting material stash with a box of books thrown in for good measure. My arms and shoulders are feeling it tonight. Sherry, that is exciting that you got to meet the new minister today. Best wishes to him in settling in and hope that this means that things will finally start to settle down for you at work. I know it's been more than a little frustrating for the last 6 months or so. Judy, I love your pillow! It's gorgeous! Holly, here's hoping that you will love the work with the teens. I was a student librarian in high school and adored several of our librarians. They were fantastic to work with. Marisa, having so many wips is frustrating and rewarding at the same time. Frustrating in that it takes a long time to get something done on all of them, but rewarding when all of a sudden a whole bunch of them end up finishing at about the same time. I'm heading for bed in just a little bit. Hope you all have a great weekend. It's cooled down the last couple of days, but is supposed to hit the upper 80's about mid-week next week.
  25. Good morning. We had a thunderstorm last night at around 7:45 pm followed by rain for a good bit of the night. It was still misting when I got up this morning. Now it's just cloudy, cool, and gloomy. It's supposed to clear up later in the day and be nice for most of the next week, so I won't complain. Ordered a couple more books yesterday, science fantasy by Robert Asprin, a favorite of mine. Getting them used with free shipping. Have a good day!
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