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  1. extraordinary talent you have young lady! I do hope you receive publishing for your doily patterns.
  2. Hello All! I wanted to share the beautiful doilies that my partner, Lori sent. They are both Patricia Kristoffersen patterns, and turned out lovely. Lori, you are a excellent crocheter, and I am in awe of your talent. Thank you so much for the blue Olympus thread and sweet card. I look forward to trying it soon! Thank you again! click the pic for larger view
  3. l have found if u crochet tightly, try using a larger than called for hook. if u crochet loosely, try a smaller hook. Most doilies will eventually lie flat after they are washed and blocked though.
  4. I have that booklet, and love that doily. It is now on my "todo" list. Thank you for bumping this dead thread!
  5. Lori, I'm so glad you enjoyed them. It was my pleasure to make them for you!
  6. Lori hope u got an email from USPS. Your package went out today priority mail!
  7. Samantha. Question. I have used flora size 10 in the past. I was wondering what you thought of that thread? It seemed large, and puffy to work with compared to cebelia. I made 2 pk doilies for my swap partner, I'll have to wait until she gets the package to share them though. Your doilies are lovely. I am eager to see the outcome of the 3 toned one as well. What a great idea!
  8. Lori, I'm mailing out your package this weekend. hope you like it!
  9. ive made that particular doily. it did not curl up on me though. maybe your tension is too tight? if the stretching doesn't make it lie properly, you might try frogging and try again, just alittle looser.
  10. This is my first picture post! After a few tries I finally got it I do believe. Thanks for the help in uploading a picture. If you click, it will enlarge. This is from Patrician Kristoffersen's "Victorian Spiral Doilies". It was made with size 20 ecru DMC cebelia and size 12 hook. It is about 9 inches across. It will be my not-so-surprising swap doily. The other one is HUSH HUSH though:hook
  11. yes it is a running stitch, or like a "gathering" stitch if you were making ruffles.
  12. I would have had to wash his mouth out with soap. jerk.
  13. I've had the problem before. I contacted the yarn manufacturer. They were helpful and even sent me 6 balls of thread for my trouble. Good luck
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