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  1. I'm trying to get a count of exactly how many NC crocheters we have here and where exactly in NC we're located. Since I'm the first one posting, I'll start. I'm in Elizabeth City, which is in the northeastern part of the state. Who's next?
  2. good to see yet another NC resident. I was beginning to think I was the only one in here.
  3. I know where Greenville is. I live in Elizabeth City, in the northeastern part of the state! Nice to see someone else from the Tar Heel State!
  4. I'm making garland that is crocheted and has wooden painted ornaments on it.
  5. So many replies, so little typing coordination. thank you ALL for being so welcoming, I really appreciate it. next thing i am going to do is to go over to the coffeeshop and look for some people from either S.E.VA or N.E.NC. Anyone from those two regions, come join me so I don't get fussed at for being off topic in here.
  6. I wonder if her daughter was here when Isabel went through - lots of light poles fell where I am - among other things.
  7. I'm in Elizabeth City, NC - about 30 to 45 minutes away from you. If you can get down here, we have a Starbucks in our local Farm Fresh and a indy coffee shop that I just adore!
  8. I found this place while web-surfing looking for other "hookers" to chat with. I'm 43, seperated, with 2 kids. When I'm not "hooking", I work as a breakfast attendant at our local Holiday Inn Express. Hope to meet lots of nice ladies and gents on here.
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