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  1. Wow, I had forgotten I had posted this - and I came just looking around and omg, I didn't expect to see that many responses to my post about Wisconsin!! Glad to see everyone from here!!!!!!!!!
  2. Wow, I'm coming into this late! Oh well. I love love love RR's!!! So I'm pregnant, 23 weeks to be exact and this is going to our first baby. I was taken out of work early for concerns with my heart (had heart issues and surgeries when I was born) and pregnancy - pregnancy is going well!! I'm short of breath a lot of the time when I walk short distances and being a nurse wasn't gonna work out anymore!! Now I'm home and doing much better - I still get short of breath, but I'm trying to stay active because I'm not on bed rest..........anyhoo - I'm taking pills and such, but this baby is sooooo oblivous to what is going on around him. Sooooo, the reason I'm here is because I HAVE SO MUCH time on my hands just sitting around here - so I'm making RR's for everyone I can think of - I love them, they work up so quickly and no matter what clolor scheme you try it turns out beautiful!! I'll try to post up some pics - today is gonna be day one of my RR!! I've got colors galore!!!! AnnieLPN
  3. Thanks guys - I'm gonna try Susan's pattern again - maybe your right and my first row isn't right LOL. I'm due Nov 30th and I'm 23 weeks pregnant - so far the pregnancy has gone great - he is sure an active little boy in there! I started feeling him at week 21 LOL, this is my first! I'll also check out the other links, ty for the help guys! AnnieLPN
  4. Alrighty well, I am off of work until the first of the year - I am pregnant with a baby boy but having some issues with my heart, so I'm not working. I wanna make things for people for x-mas since I have so much time on my hands here - and I'm looking for a ripple afghan pattern that is easy peasy. I have one that is Susan B's Easy Ripple and it's FRUSTRATING me for some reason - none of the rows are lining up and I'm getting angry. So if anyone out there has any GOOD EASY PEASY patterns out there please let me know!!!!!!! Thanks! AnnieLPN:manyheart
  5. AnnieLPN


    Well I'll tell ya, I don't know about the afghan stitch, but am willing to make a graph ghan using Single crochet. I would like to find a graph that is easy to read - I'd like to make him a Afghan if possible. I wish graph ghans came with row counts so you could know how many stitches of each color to use, but I can learn. Thanks
  6. AnnieLPN


    This next coming year I am making members in my family blankets/afghans for x-mas - need to start now I figure. So I came up with an awsome idea for my brother who lives in Texas but loves the Green Bay Packers!! I would like to make either a throw or an afghan to send him for either his b-day or xmas depending on when I finish it, but can't seem to find any decent easy to understand patterns. Can anyone help me out!? If you can't link the pattern to me on this forum please send it in an email at Annielpn@gmail.com. I would LOVE to start getting this set up so I can make him something fantastic and something he doesn't have. Thanks in advance, AnnieLPN
  7. I think I understand what you mean. We will see won't we LOL. I'm gonna get started on this soon - I'm excited that I finally understand it - there are so many I wanna make now LOL. I need to slow down and do one first lol. Thanks!
  8. Also I wanted to add, the reason I also picked the Quilt-ghan to try is because it stated how many total squares of each color I needed to make - the other ones don't say that and was wondering how would I figure this out? Like how would you figure out many squares to make?
  9. Hey guys - I have always been looking at this CAL and those beautiful Quilt-ghans and thought how hard that must be - well this morning I am online looking for something new and interesting to try and opened this CAL to read it through - clicked on the link and looked at all those Quilt-ghans and this it was like AHHA!!! ----Now I get how it's done - tiny little granny squares and they are stichted together! LOL DUH! Now I wanna try one - am gonna probably try the Country Check Crochet Quilt because it looks a bit easier for my first one. Now I'm no pro at putting pieces together - and I read the Handy dandy way of joining them and have to admit I didn't understand it. But looking at how it says to join them together on the website I would just take the color I want to join them together (which would match which ever square I'm doing) and go through the BLO and weave my needle and yarn in and out CORRECT? Please let me know if I am understanding this correctly. I know it's VERY late to wanna join this CAL, but I am - I have a few days off this week and weekend and am gonna start this one today!!! I wanna get good at it fast - I saw somethings on the site that I know people in my family would love........I think I have fallen in love with this!!! Thanks in advance, AnnieLPN
  10. Alright, I found this wonderful pattern for a hobo type bag and it's sounded like something I could do and have fun making it - I always wanted to make a bag like this for myself - but I am finding this too be too difficult to begin even. So she says to start the loop with the magic circle method - and I don't understand how to do it and want to know how can I still make this bag without using that method - how many should I chain then to make my circle? Here's the pattern - http://crochet-mania.blogspot.com/2008/07/blog-post_07.html Please help!!
  11. I'm just wondering if anyone can link some interesting or fun or easy afghan patterns to make I'd be appreciative. Thanks.
  12. So I decided to try my hand at making a hat - don't know why - just wanted to make something I could wear and I found a really easy pattern or so I thought. I'm confused about a portion of this pattern - I'll link the pattern. My question is later in the pattern where it requires you to decrease - first off it sounds confusing to me. In some of the pattern in the ( ) it says to dec but not how many sts - so I'm confused. Can anyone understand this? My confusion begains at round 29. Here's the link ----->> http://members.aol.com/JSchlossma/rrbrimh.html Thanks in advance.
  13. So, I finally am almost completely done with that american flag afghan I'm making for my soon to be mother-in-law. I am working on making the last of my stars and then I have to sew them onto the blanket. I even made up my own border to go around the blanket to fix the gaps that got created when I was stupid and chained three each row. It looks great so far and very pleased to see an end to this ONGOING project. Anyways, so here is my question - er rather it's a major problem - I have no clue how to sew. I am leaving a tail on my stars - fairly long in length - and I have a needle (it's a bigger one because it came with my crochet hooks). So should I sew them on using the big needle and the yarn I left off the stars or would it be better to use thread and a little needle? Also I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to sewing. I guess I was gonna thread my needle (put the yarn through the eye) and go through the center of my star and around in the inside of the star to secure it. I know how to cross stitch so I figure if I just go in and out I should be okay - is that right? I'm very confused by this and wanna finish this blanket soon. Thanks for any help.
  14. Yes, thank you for the suggestions! I think I'm on round 12 or so and it's looking fantastic. I am doing the 2 rounds small shell and 2 rounds large shell as my pattern calls for and it's laying flat for now. It really looks pretty and works up very easy and fast. This is gonna be so pretty when it's finished. Thanks again guys - am so excited that I all of a sudden figured out how to do it.
  15. Right - it does make sense - so I just go ahead and repeat row 7 and row 8 (each twice) until the blanket is the desired size. Thank you - it's what I thought lol.
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