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    I have 3 gorgeous grandchildren, 2 boys ages 5 & 7 years and a grandaughter 6 months old.
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    Ontario Canada
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    knitting, crocheting, gardening
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    baby and kids clothing, afgans
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  1. Ruthie629

    Need Help""

    Hi everyone: I am looking for the pattern for the balaclava baby kitty hat from years ago. I hope someone can point me in the right direction.. Thank you greatly appreciated
  2. Ruthie629

    Curly Tail

    Thanks ladies that is exactly what I was looking for, Love your album Judy
  3. Ruthie629

    Curly Tail

    How does one make a curly tail (ruffle) that you sew on the top of winter hats, any ideas. Thank you
  4. Great job, love the colours used, but it does remind me of the wool eater blanket. Looks like another fun afghan to make
  5. Hi There, it is on page 11, thank you for searching Spider Edge Crochet Christening Set Pattern
  6. If you to leisure Arts Library, it the chrisening gown called Spider edged christening gown. Thanks all for your help
  7. Ruthie629

    Help!!on a row

    Hello: I am having problem with row 3 of a pattern. I will put rows 2 to 4 here so you can have a look, I dont know if the pattern is missing brackets, or a star for a repeat all the way across, here goes, Row 2: ch4, turn; 3dc in first ch1 sp, (ch1, 3dc in next ch1 sp) across to last sp, ch2, (3dc, ch1,tr) in last sp. Row3: ch5, turn; 3dc in first ch1 sp, ch5, tr in next ch2 sp, ch5, 3dc in next ch1 sp, (ch1, 3dc in next ch1 sp) across, dc in last dc. Row4: ch4, turn; 3dc in first ch1 sp, (ch1, 3dc in ch1 sp) across to next ch5 sp, ch6, sc in ch5 sp, sc in next tr and in next ch5 sp, ch 6, (3dc, ch1, tr) in last ch1 sp.
  8. Good Morning: Thank you for your responses to the christening gown for 6-9 months. I have managed to get a pattern from Leisure Arts Library called the Spider Edge Christening Set, which is a newborn size and have doubled the thread and using a larger hook. I am also keeping a note pad handy as I go along and play with the hook sizes used as the gown progresses. I always find beautiful christening gowns for 0-3 months, or 0-6 months, but there are people out there that have their babies christened a little older. So off I go hooking, I will keep you informed on how the progress is going.
  9. Hello Everyone: I am trying to locate a christening gown in the size 6-9 months. All help is greatly appreciated.
  10. Good Morning: If you go to Caron International, they have two tunics there with the sleeves I think you are looking for. One is called the Renaissance Tunic and the other is called Baroque Tabard Tunic. I think I would get some elastic thread to match your yarn and start the pattern half way down the sleeve, yarn and elastic together for a couple of rows just to get the tightness that you need to stay on your arm, then drop the elastic and continue to the flare in the bottom of your sleeve. Good Luck
  11. Very pretty Outfit, lucky baby who will receive the great gift.
  12. Beautiful colors, great job on your afghan.
  13. http://sarah-london.blogspot.com/2007/11/wool-eater-blanket.html Thank you for the wonderful comments. The banket can be found here. I used Vanna's Choice baby yarn and a size 6mm afghan hook as I found it a bit too much when you make 12 DTR on a regular length hook.
  14. Hi everyone: I thought I would share my wool eater blanket with you. This was such a fun blanket to do. Enjoy
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