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    stay at home mom leading an unremarkable life so far!
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    sing, dance, art, crochet, music, wild-bird watching/feeding, old movies; in no particular order
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    baby items, anything for charity, hats
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  1. ... im sorry, i have been ill with stomach complications for the last week- and i'm justr getting the squares out tomorrow,,, i apologise for the inconvenience + hope that you can still use them xo
  2. i'd love to help, is it ok to send any pattern of 7 in square? (i'm new to this idea:blush) many hugs + prayers to all , esp for those who are ill.
  3. i would like to make this thread just to say hi+welcome to all who have joined here/are newbies like me, i want to post in each welcome thread but my computer is kind of slow+ i am too... so, to everybody + thanks for having such a great place to gather online!
  4. hi + welcome! i am a newbie here too! i live near tobyhanna, PA, near scranton. i used to live in the slate belt area.
  5. red

    hi there!

    thanks to all for making me feel very warmly welcomed + a big hugs to all here!
  6. hi+ welcome from a fellow PA person! i am going to visit your site- also i'm adding you+all your beloveds to my nightly prayers- i pray that you+hubby both recover good health. <--huggles to you!
  7. red

    hi there!

    hi all i am red from PA.i'm a housewife+mom of 1 daughter, now age 12! i'm glad to have stumbled on this bb! well i love to crochet and am currently working on blankets for project linus. i'd love to know if there's any charity crocheters here or anyone who would like to share any new charity sites, etc. that's all i can think of for now peacelove+light to all! -red
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